Editors’ Swings And Roundabouts

Guitarist Chris Urbanowicz's pivotal moments

In the midst of a mammoth tour the epic Staffordshire outfit have taken time out to share a few ups and downs. And in the interests of impartiality we’ve asked the one who isn’t going out with one of our columnists: step forward guitarist Chris Urbanowicz.

My most memorable trip
“Probably my holiday in Tokyo in January. It was my first vacation since I was 11 so it was pretty special to relax in another world. I love the food, the culture and the fashion in Tokyo. If I could speak the language I would move there for a bit.”

The strangest situation
“I was once stuck in a lift with a masturbating lesbian in Brooklyn. No really. After calling the fire brigade, I managed to prize the doors open and jump out between floors.”

My most impressive sporting feat
“Probably scoring two goals in a local football match when I was 11. My team were huge underdogs but we won 2-0.”

The coolest person I ever met
“Simon from Biffy? I mean look at the guy.”

The most disagreeable celebrity I ever met
“Maybe Kerry Katona when we did Jonathon Ross. Admittedly, she was going through a breakdown but the bitch wouldn’t shut up for a second.”

The worst gig I ever played
“Benicassim a few years ago was pretty horrible. Nothing worked, it was about 100 degrees and we were shit.”

The best gig I ever played
“Glastonbury 2007 without a doubt. We played as the sun went down on the other stage and the stars aligned. Everything seemed so easy.”

The lowest point I ever reached
“We were in Birmingham and it was soon after our first a&r show. Nobody wanted to sign us and it was hard thinking you were going to make it right there and then, getting a sniff of it and then realising that it wasn’t going to happen. Then feeling the same every day for about a year until Kitchenware picked us up.

The worst lie I ever told
“Being English, I lie constantly. Usually to other bands I meet. It’ll go something like this: ‘Great show tonight.’”

Worst childhood memory
“I remember being really into Police Academy when I was a kid and used to quote lines constantly. This stopped the moment I called my Dad an ‘Idiot, a bastard and a dumb shit’ when he dropped a catch when we were playing cricket. This didn’t go down well.”

The Last time I cried
“The band went to see Up in 3D in Glasgow a while back. All of us were balling apart from Russell’s girlfriend who I can only assume has a heart of stone.”

Life hasn’t gotten much better
“I moved into my apartment in Brooklyn over a year ago. I was desperate for a change in my life and as soon as I walked through the door I felt relief and self satisfaction. I was and still am convinced it was the right thing to do.”

The most at peace I’ve ever felt
“Anytime I come off a long tour and finally take the long trip home. After months of touring, sometimes you just need to sit down in your own space in silence for a bit.”

The best piece of advice I can give
“Always look your best.”

The worst decision I ever made
“Supporting Nottingham Forest when I was a kid. I love the club but it sure is hard sometimes.”

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