Dry The River – Shallow Bed (Acoustic)

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At heart, Dry The River are a rock band.

Onstage, the band use volume to their advantage, placing emphasis on the steady ebbs and flows, the soft passages and louder moments which ripple through their music. Releasing their debut album 'Shallow Bed' earlier this year, Dry The River managed to place the energy of their live shows against their emerging identity as studio beings.

Spending the year on the road, Dry The River were repeatedly asked to take part in acoustic sessions. Developing another part of their arsenal, the band were forced to re-assess how their songs were constructed and how they could be transplanted into a different, rather more quiet, format.

Eventually, something had to give. Throwing themselves back into the studio routine, Dry The River recorded an acoustic version of 'Shallow Bed' which was made available  at their recent nationwide tour. Fans were handed sleeves for the acoustic album, which they could then download and burn onto CD as a physical copy, if they so wished.

A sister piece to the 'official' studio album, this new version of 'Shallow Bed' is a playful, at times moving but always surprising counterpoint to their earlier efforts. Re-casting material from their debut album, Dry The River even invited Emmy The Great into the studio for a rendition of 'Shaker Hymns'.

Given a digital release this week, ClashMusic has obtained a full stream for our readers. Check it out below.

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'Shallow Bed (Acoustic)' is out now. Purchase link.

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