Drive By Argument

A bit of extra-curricular riot ‘n’ roll

Formed as part of a music course, the Ayr five-piece decided to continue working on a bit of extra-curricular riot ‘n’ roll.

Causing havoc in the Scottish indie scene, narrow-minded hipsters were unsure how to label the group – too heavy for indie kids, too electro for the metal scene. Early single ‘The Sega Method’ had ears popping up across the nation, its tinnitus-causing synth melody collecting more fans than Sonic collected rings.

Now signed to Lizard King (original home to The Killers) the group are poised for stardom. The cynical cousin of New Romantics, the band dress down but act up, a thrilling five-piece assault that sounds more like a back street mugging than an indie band. Mothers of the indie scene beware – Drive By Argument are coming for your children and the kids may never be the same again.

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