Ahead of his SoundCrash show...

Live electronic music is - on paper, at least - a complete contradiction.

Reliant on technology, electronic music tends to work best as a structured, studio piece. In the hands of some artists, though, machines can be used to produce something uniquely organic, even moving.

Anchorsong is one such artist. Real name Masaaki Yoshida, the Tokyo born producer now resides in London and applies an extremely idiosyncratic approach to making electronic music. Originally a guitarist in a rock band, the producer's commitment to live performance is reaching truly groundbreaking levels.

Working with a string quartet, Anchorsong's fluid motion between the studio and the stage is flooding his music with a palpable sense of purpose. Currently preparing a follow up to 'Chapters' the producer has agreed to play a one off London show.

A SoundCrash special, Anchorsong will perform at the Village Underground on September 29th. Edinburgh's Hidden Orchestra are on first, while DJ Kentaro will raise the roof with a live performance. As a preview, Anchorsong has handed a live version of 'Split' to ClashMusic.

Flexible, fluid, fascinating you can download the track below. Listen to it now... Download it HERE.

Right click, 'Save As...' Hidden Orchestra + Anchorsong + DJ Kentaro ft. special guest MCs at the Village Underground tomorrow (September 29th).

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