Double Issue – Bobby Womack – King Krule

Issue 81 / January 2013
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Bobby Womack Soul Survivor

You know someone is important when their personal assistant is a professional Barack Obama lookalike. Yes, even fake presidents follow in the wake of Bobby Womack: soul superstar, bona fide legend, and full-time survivor. But when both men walk onto set for Clash’s cover shoot, shit gets real. They’ve come to East London all the way across town from their record label’s Notting Hill base on a day packed with duties, and we’re fully expecting them to be grumpy for doing so. Added to this fact, we were expecting Bobby to be indignant at the suggestion he get changed for the camera – trust me, we’ve dealt with enough difficult divas and cooler-than-thou indie kids to know that image is precious. So it was refreshing, and something of a relief, that while perusing our vivid assortment of vintage, designer and decorative glasses and hats, Bobby simply conceded: “Whatever you want me to wear, I’ll wear it. You just give it to me, and I’ll put it on.” Meanwhile, Arthur, Bobby’s aforementioned right-hand man, is whooping with laughter, claiming: “This is gonna be one to remember!”

King Krule Soul Bearer

Archy Marshall has been out record shopping in South London. Speaking about his purchases, the one that seems to please him the most is the soundtrack to Watership Down, the  classic 1978 animated film that tells the dark, moving and violent tale of a warren of rabbits fleeing their home, with a few gruesome battles along the way. “‘Bright Eyes’,” Marshall slowly drawls with warm humour, referring to Art Garfunkel’s wistful folk lullaby that became the film’s theme. “That’s what I’m feeling now.”

Bryan Ferry From Roaring To Roxy

Consider a quick list of those occasions when an artist announced an unexpected new musical direction, genuinely provoking a ‘WTF?’ moment from the world at large: think Lou Reed’s ‘Metal Machine Music’, an unlistenable sixty minutes’ worth of feedback; how about Robbie Williams going electro with ‘Rudebox’? Then there’s Chris Cornell’s ill-fated collab with Timbaland. And who can forget Neil Young’s krautrock detour for ‘Trans’? Not us, unfortunately. A damning list, for sure, and a warning for any risk-taking artist with leftfield notions. So, when Bryan Ferry announced he was going to reinterpret the songs of Roxy Music as instrumental jazz versions, just what was he thinking?

Top 40 Albums of 2012 End of year special

From dance music retaining its nebulous gaps to indie taking on further dapper refinements and hip-hop, beats and braggadocio gaining ever more style, 2012 has been shimmering with invention, seduction and sophistication. Dive deep here and keep swimming. We hope you thrive through immersion as much as we have. These forty labours of love have sound tracked another passionate year of music and fashion in the life of Clash. And so we’ll see you on the astral flipside…

Ones To Watch 2013 Overseas / Youth / Lovelorn / End Notes

The new issue sees our Ones To Watch for 2013 divided into four themes. Exploring internationally, with a trio of artists that bring their sounds from distant shores. Exploring the youngest of 2013's finest, with a trio of artists possessing euphonious flair beyond their minimal years. Exploring subject matter, with a trio of artists that draw their inspiration from love, loss and dark emotion. And exploring our regally monikered introvert, King Krule.

No Homo Searching Through The Closet Of Hip-Hop's Closet

Twenty years ago, Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg told us that “bitches ain’t shit”, and whether that bitch is male or female, the mainstream viewpoint has barely altered as the years have passed. Resting somewhere between a fourteen-year-old adolescent’s  idea of what losing his virginity will be like and a low budget porno, the lyrical scenarios played out to assert masculine supremacy in hip-hop would be hilarious if they weren’t taken so seriously. Proving alpha male status on wax in a sea of supposed chauvinists trying to do the same thing remains a never-ending battle, and since Big L declared “If Big L got the AIDS / Every cutie in the city got it” in 1995, admitting to being anything but on top (of a woman) seemed an impossibility.

Album Spotlight

Dr Dre – The Chronic

"Dre’s bravado drawl and adept production not only oozed composure but also mapped the trademark sound for the Pacific strip."

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