Django Django
A few must-see picks...

Django Django are pretty much the perfect festival band.

An exuberant, always energetic live proposition, the band's indie pop template includes everything from dancehall to psychedelia, techno to dubbed out low-end excursions.

Armed with a colossal batch of pop missiles, the four-piece will make their way to Standon Calling this weekend, hitting up the Herts festival with a heatwave predicted.

Clash invited Django Django's Dave MacLean to take a look at the bill, and he picked out a few must-sees...

- - -

The Horrors

I've been a fan of The Horrors since the beginning and its been great to see them morph and grow as a band. Tom Furse remixed 'Default' right at the start of our career and we've kept in touch ever since. He released an EP on my Kick And Clap label (if you don't have it buy it cos its great) and I recently remixed one of his projects.

Great band with great influences and a wonderful set of albums behind them.

- - -

Gaz Coombes

I've always really liked Supergrass. They were just really great at what they did. 'Moving' is such a tremendous pop single with great production.

I've sort of been keeping up with Gaz's solo stuff but never seen him perform live so I'd like to see that. I know Jim Django is a big fan too.

- - -

The Bootleg Beatles

OOOOOH *shakes head side to side* The mop tops were my first big musical love and I started buying there records when I was really young.

'Yellow Submarine' was the first LP I ever bought ('Fear Of A Black Planet' was the second, which probably says a lot) I have quite a good collection of odd-ball Beatles cover records (there's a lot out there) whenever I see something I buy it. I'm actually just making a mixtape with all my favourite obscurities at the moment.

- - -

Acid Mothers Temple

I've seen them play a couple of times in Scotland in the 90's and it was mad both times. Just a really fascinating band who make crazy music put on crazy shows. If you've seen them you will know what I mean. They also teamed up with Gong and formed Acid Mother's Gong a while ago. I didn't know that before now. I just read it on the internet there.

- - -

Tech Noir

For no reason other than its the name of the club they go to in The Terminator. If I like them I'LL BE BACK for more.

[Tech Noir is a special arena within Standon Calling itself and looks pretty cool]

- - -

2Many DJs

They are just amazing DJs and you never know what they'll spring on you. They must have an amazing record collection.

2ManyDJs did a 6Music mix years ago that's still one of my favourite ever DJ sets. They played a lot of weird early Chicago house like Larry Heard's Gherkin Jerks stuff and then an hour of odd ball sci-fi library music. Basically all my favourite stuff. There's still a few records on that mix i'm trying to track down! Maybe ill nip backstage and beg them for a track list.

- - -

Photo Credit: Rachel Lipsitz

Standon Calling runs between July 26th - 29th.

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