DJ Spoony
It's lesser heard gems from the UKG innovator...

DJ Spoony is absolutely central to the UK garage story, a producer whose work helped birth the genre, and provided some of its defining moments.

Never giving up on his love for UKG the producer recently unveiled a daring, ambitious new project, one that would place those seminal songs in a fresh context.

Garage Classical crosses soundsystem culture with vast orchestration, a truly special live event that takes UKG to another dimension.

Hitting London's Barbican venue on July 21st, joined by a vast host of musicians as they delve into the UK garage songbook.

Ahead of this Clash caught up with DJ Spoony to discuss a few personal UKG anthems, songs that despite their quality remain lesser heard...

- - -

Groove Chronicles - 'Millennium Funk'

Noodles and El-B (Ghost) produced under this name together for many years and made some remarkable music. This is just one of a long list I could've chosen. Signature 2-step pattern, skippy hats with a vocal sample for the vibe. ALWAYS works.

Peace By Piece - 'Nobody's Business' (Dreem Teem Remix)

Maybe my favourite of our works. The track in it's original form sounded very different and we did a job re-arranging the vocal to its current structure. It's soulful, smooth and some DJ's slept on this. Ouch. Biased possibly but this is fire.

Wookie - 'Down On Me'

A track I used to end my set at Twice As Nice with on regular basis. The stirring opening builds and builds and doesn't disappoint when it drops. Sub bass and keys in perfect unity. I remember it got a 'rewind' FOUR times one night at Colosseum.

Artful Dodger ft. Craig David – 'Something'

Very early production from the combination that have been nothing short of brilliant since the first time I heard 'What Ya Gonna Do'. It's not a track you hear often, if at all, but It's one of my favourite UKG tracks ever. Craig does his think and Artful Dodger don't complicate the production.

Anthill Mob - 'Everyday (Flava)'

The champion producers on the legendary Confetti label. I would buy productions from these guys without listening to them. Pure quality every time. Consistent and prolific. Their tracks always rock a dance-floor. Beats, grooves and proper vocals.

MOAD - 'W.W.M.'

This guy needs a special mention. If he was making music in the heyday we'd speak about him alongside Wookie, Groove Chronicles and Steve Gurley as one of the best beatmakers. His music gets relentless love from me and when played alongside the classics you'll never know he was a 'new' producer.

- - -

Garage Classical hits London's Barbican venue on July 21st and London's eventim Apollo on December 14th.

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