Issue 65/September 2011

Featured in this issue…

DJ Shadow Danger In The Dark

In the age of instant communication and the lack of innovation, on his fourth album DJ Shadow valiantly attempts to stay ahead of the pack by satirizing his own role as an artist.

The Rapture It Takes Time To Be A Man

New York’s zeitgeist surfers return after half a decade of hidden strife and the odd tantrum.

Bombay Bicycle Club Nothing Lame

Previously consigned to the dreaded indie landfill, the Club members have committed to digging themselves out.

Spank Rock Slap And Tickle

Frustrated at the “definite fucking mess” of modern hip-hop, Spank Rock is striking out from his peers to do something they’re afraid to - try something new...

Wooden Shjips Shjips Ahoy

West is best, says San Francisco psych rockers Wooden Shjips, amid tales of romantic notions, reinvention, and constant sunshine.

The Birth Of The Bristol Sound The story of a city’s musical evolution

Massive Attack’s seminal ‘Blue Lines’ is twenty years old this month and draws attention once again to the city that bore it. We look back into the emergence of the scene that came to define the music of Bristol.

Jimmy Cliff Shares his Rock And Rules

The Reggae legend shares his accumulated wisdom from his years in the music business.

Album Spotlight

Pearl Jam - Ten

The revolution that ‘Ten’ started kicked off a new age of full scale rock that continues to this day.

Personality Clash

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Vs Fleet Foxes

Despite such disparate time zones and their own hectic schedules, at the behest of Alec, Clash hooked the pair up for a summit that would inadvertently uncover a near-death/pizza experience...

  • Write On The Eagles Of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes
  • In The Works Plaid
  • Royal Academy Reviews Reptiles!
  • Swan Song Suede's Brett Anderson
  • Stalker The Cure
  • Electric Selection Low-end sounds that are rocking our dance spots
Album Reviews
  • The Bottletop Band
  • Paul White
  • Male Bonding
  • Fool's Gold
  • FionnRegan
  • Thundercat
  • Toddla T
  • Wu Tang
  • Beirut
  • Fred McDowell
  • The Rapture
  • Bombay Bicycle Club

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