Dj Mix Podcast Series – Richard Sen

Part six - Richard Sen (Padded Cell)

This week, our audio delights come from the fingertips of Richard Sen from Padded Cell.

Mr Sen clearly possesses the kind of warped musical mindset that we here at Clash value highly – his 45 minutes are full of off-kilter twitchy disco and trippy synth parts: think War of the Worlds meets Luke Vibert’s Kerrier District and you’re on the right lines.

His fine mix begins with a distinct air of the sinister to it – a theme carried through right through to the finish line, but also with an expert selection of cracking tunes weaved in as well. Starting off with some trippy tribal vibes and percussion from Ghost Note, things then break into The Emperor Machine’s gem ‘What’s in the Box’, which – with its scary Equalizer-esque synths – wouldn’t sound out of place on the soundtrack to cult 80s’ flick Warriors. Nice.

Much later, the journey ends with a Padded Cell remix of a track from bona-fide electro-disco legends Black Devil Disco Club – a fitting end to a mix from a man whose work has been described as ‘devil’s disco’.

In fact, talk of devils is an apt approach for describing not just the mix but the work of Padded Cell (Richard’s full-time outfit) as a whole: Richard and musical compadre Neil Beatnik clearly switched to the musical dark side a long time ago. Though the duo are relative newcomers to the scene – their first full-scale release was in 2005 – they’ve been rightly turning heads and garnering attention with their dark, infectious and downright fascinating take on various forms of beat-driven electro and disco. These are not your average electronic act: their take on music is, in all honesty, a bit warped – which makes me love it even more, as should you if you’re after something far more interesting than run-of-the-mill beats and bleeps.

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The Richard Sen (Padded Cell) mix tracklisting –

1. GHOST NOTE “Holy Jungle” (Golf Channel)

2. THE EMPEROR MACHINE “What’s in the Box?” (DC Recordings)

3. LCD SOUNDSYSTEM “45:33” Padded Cell Remix (DFA)

4. RICHARD SEN + CAZBEE EDITS “Cat Dance” (Autodiscoteque)

5. DFD “La Poppe” (Electric Minds)

6. RICHARD SEN + CAZBEE “AM:FM” (Mixed Blood Cuts)

7. BLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUB “Free for the Girls” Richard Sen Remix (Lo Recordings)

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