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Invariably musicians dabbling in politics bring to mind dark thoughts involving Bono. If you’re DJ Pierre however, you can say sod that, begin your mix with an extended sample from the keynote speech of some small-time politician named Barack Obama over the top of a legendary house track that you produced yourself, and make the whole thing sound superb.

Yep, not to put too fine a point on it, but Pierre is a bit of a maverick – a bold word but then you don’t get to be one of the pioneers of acid house without taking a few risks. Think about it – if there weren’t creative people about like Pierre – who picked up a Roland 303 all of 25 years ago, mucked about with it and created the seminal Acid Trax E.P. – DJing would likely be a footnote in musical history.

So sit back and enjoy a journey through the varied and utterly irresistible realms of acid house, mixed by a Chicago veteran who witnessed it all kicking off in the first place. Pierre’s mix takes in both old and new, delving into dirty techno territory towards the final stages, through the likes of techno stalwart Woody McBride and some minimal goodness from German duo Ame.

Also on offer is much proper club house – often influenced by the Chicago beats of Pierre’s background – simultaneously dirty, spacey, a wee bit druggy and all very kicking, as in the deep, twitchy prog sounds – with lush hypnotic melody – of Steve Mac, and there’s even some semi-soulful vocals over a Dataworx track, again finished with Pierre’s expert acidic touch.

I know I say it a lot, but this mix is awesome. Really. And it’s crafted by a proper legend and that. Go and download it right bloody now, you won’t be sorry.

DJ Pierre also has a rather fine EP out in May, ‘Da Jungle’, which sees him collaborating with another seminal house figure, Louie Vega.

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Dj Pierre Dj Mix tracklisting -

1) I've Lost Control - DJ Pierre AKA Tha Master Blaster - Wild PiTcH mix/Afro Acid Mix - Gigolo
2) Deadly Grooves - Timo Garcia, original mix/DJ M-TRAXXX Deadly Dub - Afro Acid Plastik
3) Control - Dataworx, original mix - Dataworx Digital
4) Gotta Have some fun - Steve Mac, original mix - Sci+Tech Digital Audio
5) Church of Nonsense - Daniele Papini, original mix - Big in Ibiza (UMM)
6) Edding 850 - Format B, original mix - Highgrade Records
7) Mystic Eye EP - Woody Mcbride, Mystic Eye mix - Decoded Records
8) Focalization - Kozin , original mix - Telepathy Digital
9) GrindHouse - Radio Slave Feat. Danton Eeprom, DubFire Terror Planet remix - Dataworx Digital
10) Rej - AME, ATFC'sTwin Cherry Edit - Defected


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