Nathan Fake
Nathan Fake

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This week sees electronica ace Nathan Fake take the reins, with a fine mix that bubbles over with trippy electronic delights. In fact, so abundant are the audio treats that it would be sheer folly to try and cover all of them here. But screw it, I’ll have a stab.

Things begin by flowing between the synthy ambience of Julian Fane and Four Tet to the harder skittsh beats of Warp’s avant-audio kings, Autechre, whilst other wonderful electronica titbits come from the always-sublime Boards of Canada and the equally gifted Richard D. James in his AFX guise.

There’s also a distinctive human element to the mix, courtesy of the late, great Arthur Russell and the hazy psychedelic oddness of Animal Collective chum Ariel Pink, and there are also a few great curveballs thrown in for good measure, from Matmos and Angel Rada (Google the guy, he’s amazing). Things then wind down in the weirdest way possible, via experimental noise-merchants Black Dice. A very pleasant journey indeed.

Over the last six years, Nathan Fake has quietly but solidly built up a lovingly crafted body of work which far outweighs his modest profile, simultaneously mastering his own brand of blisssed-out electronic shoegaze and a harder IDM direction (explored in the full-on wonky techno brilliance of latest album Hard Islands – probably hitting the shelves just as you read these very words), both of which – much like his mix – are consistently engaging and never self-indulgent.

Put together by someone who knows and loves his tunes, Fake’s mix showcases the most interesting sides of electronica from many of the genre’s finest artists – overall then, a fascinating and delightful selection of treats, in which you can blissfully lose yourself for 45 wonderful minutes.

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Nathan Fake Dj Mix tracklisting -

1. Julian Fane - Disaster Location (Planet Mu)
2. Ex-pylon - Prolotouswings (n/a)
3. Avus - Wide Mouth Frog (n/a)
4. Four Tet - Ribbons (Domino)
5. Autechre - Basscadet (Warp)
6. Boards of Canada - ? (?)
7. Ariel Pink - For Kate I Wait (Paw Tracks)
8. AFX – I’m Self Employed (Rephlex)
9. Arthur Russell - Arm Around You (Audika)
10. Carl Lozito Jr. - The Great Bear (n/a)
11. Matmos - Polychords (Matador)
12. Angel Rada - Basheeba Uranium Records
13. Black Dice - Things Will Never be the Same (Fatcat Records)


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