Part four - Chris de Luca vs. Phon.o

That’s right, as it’s Christmas we’ve gone all hard-beats-and-heavy-bass. Why? Simply because we can. Yes, this week we have something a little different and more than a bit special from Chris de Luca and Phon.o, and because it’s Christmas we’ve given you a whole hour of this aural brilliance…

CLP’s offering is an absolute beast of a mix that starts off with some choice hip hop cuts and gradually morphs into a bass-led monster of dirty electronic stomp. Essentially, it’s fucking banging, and then some.

There’s a lot going on here and it’s all rather bloody good: hints of 2-step, tech house, rave, bassline, Miami-beat, ghetto-tech, crunk, dancehall, etc… And if you don’t know what half of those terms refer to, listen to the mix and see the light.

To give you an idea of what’s on offer, here’s some of what CLP have weaved into their hour: Carl Craig alias Paperclip People, Dress 2 Sweat’s DJ Tameil for a bit o’ badass mood, and slightly mad rave monsters Jokers of the Scene, as well as a few choice tracks from CLP themselves.

If you wanted to simplify the whole thing to an indecent level, you could almost say it’s what proper ‘urban’ music should sound like – but not in a shit, Usher-like way. Christ no. We’d never do that to you. Instead, CLP have taken the best bits of hip hop, electro and dancehall and dirtied it the fuck up, full of heavy percussion, filthy bass and glitchy club vibes aplenty.

And speaking of club vibes, this is ‘club music’ in the true sense – the sort of grimy, bassline-heavy, intimate, horrifically loud club that you stumble across every now and again and never want to leave.

Created out of the demise of the legendary and rather brilliant Funkstörung, Chris de Luca and Phon.o (Carsten Aermes) met through a shared musical vision, and have been creating all kinds of electronic and hip hop-based shenanigans ever since, taking the baton where Funkstörung left off and going in a million different directions with it.

As for their mix – seriously, this one’s an absolute belter. Listen to it right now, you’ll never look back. Blau...

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The CLP mix tracklisting -

Dukeyman - Roof About to Blow [Baltimore Club Classic Vol.1]

DJ Nephets - No One’s Ready [Public Housing 01]

Kazey & Bulldog - Give it Up [Bootleg]

Dukeyman - Doggystyle [Baltimore Club Classic Vol.2]

Fake Blood - Mars [Cheap Thrills 003]

CLP - Ain't Nobody Cooler [Boysnoize Records 27]

Paperclip People - Jerry Lewis (Mayday Mix) [Planet E]

Jesse Rose & Deize Tigrona - Toca Pra Mim [Man Rec 032]

Housemeister - Who is that Noize (CLP mix) [AYCB 12]

Idiotproof - Gorilla (Siriusmo’s Ass of the Baboon mix) [Made to

Play 015]

Malente & Dex - Hyperactive [Exploited 10]

Bobmo - To the Bouncemobile [Institubes]

DJ Tameil - Get Money [Dress 2 Sweat 003]

CLP - Ready or Not (Diplo vs. DJ Sega mix) [Boysnoize Records 27]

Masta Ace Inc - Jeep Ass Gutter (Aaron Lacrate Instrumental mix)

[Delicious Vinyl]

Jokers of the Scene - Main [Fool’s Gold 07]

Scottie B - Niggaz Fightin [MS035]

CLP - Sexual Eruption [Shitkatapult Strike 98]


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