Issue 43 / November 2009

Featured in this issue…

Dizzee Rascal The saviour of British pop!

Bothering the upper reaches of the pop charts and being the voice of a generation is still not enough for young Dylan Mills.

Editors Dystopian dreams and Schwarzenegger's finest hour.

Tired of retreading the same gloomy guitar soundscapes that dominated their 2005 debut ‘The Back Room’ and 2007 follow-up ‘An End Has A Start’, singer Tom Smith and guitarist Chris Urbanowicz decided to attack their new songs electronically, radically retooling them with KORG keyboards.

The 100 Most Outrageous Rock Star Quotes “I’m an instant star; just add water and stir.”

This and ninety-nine other instantly regrettable sound bites from the Gallaghers, Bono, Madonna, Johnny Borrell, John Lennon, Kanye West and a host of rather red faced stars.

Kraftwerk A four page celebration of the electronic Beatles.

Aloof and ephemeral in their public presence over the last forty years, the footprint left by Kraftwerk on late twentieth century music is as mighty in its repercussions as names like Marley, Bowie and Hendrix.

The Flaming Lips It's a wonderful life, says neon guru Wayne Coyne.

Wayne Coyne was barely in his twenties the night he had a gun pointed into his face and was told he was about to die.

Devendra Banhart Lounging with the Venezuelan Sun child

For about five excruciating minutes, all seems lost. By the sound of things, Devendra Banhart is stoned. At least that’s what (we think) he wants us to think. Whether he actually is stoned is debatable. Maybe he just got up.

Fuck Buttons The arch dukes of experimentalism.

Yes, you heard. FUCK BUTTONS! Band names are best when they double as both an endearing insult and a great activity.

Album Spotlight

Portishead 'Dummy'

Fifteen years after its release, ‘Dummy’ has aged much more successfully than any other British album of the era, trip-hop or otherwise.

Personality Clash

Transgressive Vs Sire

Tim Dellow chats with Seymour Stein

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Album Reviews
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  • Bad Lieutenant
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  • King Cannibal
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