14 - May 06

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Dirty Pretty things From despair to where?

There's something different about Carl Barat lately. As he strides into the East London studio where Clash is holed up, flanked by his brothers-in-arms and oozing charm, it is immediately clear that this is not the same man we knew 18 months ago.

Primal Scream Prepare to riot!

"We have never played the game; we have always done the opposite of what anyone else thinks we are going to do. Nobody knows that we were going to come up with this record after 'Evil Heat'. They could never imagine..."

Aphex Twin Lording it up

Earliest Aphex Twin releases have become timeless classics and recent work is now gaining the appreciation it deserves. This man needs no discography defined.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Back back back

In 2001 Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr wore a pin badge of his favourite band while being interviewed on American TV. That band was the little heard of NY noiseniks Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Hot Chip R & Bedroom

You may not expect this wily bunch, straight outta the harsh quagmire of the Putney badlands, to be the true possessors of the Funk.

Phoenix French Kicks

The Parisian four piece are fresh outta Berlin, having recorded their third LP in a factory building in a very secluded part of town.

Adem Pretty 'dem good

London singer songwriter Adem is concerned with the cosmos. His second album, a dizzying space concept called 'Love and Other Planets' shows he has his own perspective.

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