Dide Breaks Down New EP ‘Who Is Dide?’

The reclusive rapper (and footballer) in conversation...

Who is Dide? It’s the question on everyone’s lips. There’s nothing new about a masked rapper – we’ve covered more than our fair share, for sure. But this one is different: under the mask is a Premiership footballer, someone who is probably instantly recognisable.

The mystery is matched to the music. Punchy UK rap that dares to go deeper, a string of essential viral singles have sketched out his path. New EP ‘Who Is Dide?’ is online now, and it’s already causing a ruckus. Are there hidden clues in here? How does he walk the line between revelation and mystery? As Dide puts it:

With every verse that I’m writing, every lyric, I want people to have an insight into Dide the artist, Dide the human, and Dide the footballer.

To celebrate, Clash caught up with Dide to breakdown his debut EP in full…


Well, everyone wanted to know who I am, so my team and I thought of a creative way to tell them, no speculation or doubt. Hopefully you’ll at least have an idea of the position i’m trying to be in and I wanted to showcase that I’m more than just a football player – I’m also a voice for the elite sports players and the track allows you to understand abit what goes through our journey.

I thought it was also a good way to play on the first thing that comes to mind when you hear/see about me…..”sooo Who is Dide?”


Track was inspired by a derby match. That fast paced tempo of the beat just like in the matches. The adrenaline you get with the fans. Everything on the line to try and get the win! Then that feeling of going back to the camp with the team and doing it all over again the following Saturday. Priceless.


Initially if I’m honest thrill was only supposed to be an introduction track to the fans. It went crazy online and kinda went viral I guess so it had to be on the tape but I wanted to give something more. I listened to the track again after a couple months and wrote the final extended verse. Asking the fans more conscious questions whilst keeping the same theme of sly football bars to keep the fans guessing aha.


Similar pattern to derby day but slightly more aggressive in delivery and context. Tactical Fouls are key. sometimes it’s necessary to make sure the opponent doesn’t get that last touch to score or create. Defensive mindset from all 11 players on the pitch. No matter what position. Get ’em down. The final verse kind of gives you that pumped adrenaline in delivery. 


This track was made on holiday. My manager was right next to me and we were just talking about the challenges in the industry and the lifestyle I’m really living. Next thing you know it turned into me free styling on the spot and by the end of the trip it was a rough demo. Some of the best music I think are made spontaneously and this one was that. Proper insight to the holiday and some of the things i was going through at the time. 


My personal favourite on the tape. Wrote this the day I landed literally. I had crazy jet lag and I was in bed looking through YouTube videos, couldn’t sleep and the bars just started coming to me. I found the beat and just started writing there and then. Probably at like 3am that night lol. Woke up, rapped it in my head couple times and was like yeah that’s it. Just an overall insight to the experience I had abroad. Both as a footballer and now rapper. Some of the encounters I faced and the lifestyle I’m living off the pitch. 


This tracks a heart to heart not only for my fans but for the ballers who can all relate to the messages I’m saying. One for the souls. Advice and motivation for the ones trying to achieve more in their careers. In whatever you can relate.

The ups and downs I’ve faced more so mentally than on the pitch over the journey so far and the insight to not only what I felt but what i’m sure many players are feeling too. We’re all in this together and my only hope is that the track resonates in a positive way with anyone who listens to it. 


There’s two sides to a story. This is my version. A storytelling track to give further insight to the footballers life. To my life. Forever heading for the glory. Speaking my truths along the way and I felt this type of track was a good way to close the tape and give that real inner feeling to the listener.

I know some fans will want more, maybe more up beat songs and they will come in the future but the tape was about creating that connection with the fans. So they know what me and the rest go through. Both good and bad. Hopefully it’s appreciated and accepted for a positive change for now and for the future.

‘Who Is Dide’?’ is out now.

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