Delusional Records Pick Your Essential Pride Month Soundtrack

Maude Vôs and Marie Nyx curate some dancefloor heat...

The LGBTQI+ community have made an indelible mark on the arts. In terms of music, entire swathes of pop culture simply would not exist had that community not rolled up their sleeves and got down to business. Just look at club culture – from disco to house and beyond, so many innovators, even entire sounds, have emerged from queer families.

LA club forces Maude Vôs and Marie Nyx take a defiantly underground approach, two producers and selectors who lead from the front. As gay artists they are definitively aware of the barriers people from their community still face, which is why they launched Delusional Records back in 2021, aiming to uplift under-represented artists and create a community rooted in change, and visibility.

New single ‘In The Club Out’ lands in time for Pride month, so Clash invited Maude Vôs and Marie Nyx to curate a soundtrack based on queer voices in club culture.

Maude Vôs, Marie Nyx – ‘In The Club Out’

With vocals by Marie, production by Maude, and collective songwriting, this is a groovy Pride anthem that you’ll find yourself singing along to. The track is an ode to queer club culture and showcases visibility around each diverse identity in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Leonce – ‘Axial

This track was frequently rinsed in Maude’s 2021 DJ sets and streams. The record it was released on was their introduction to Leonce, and he became a favorite producer of both of ours. He now is a remixer on our ‘In the Club Out’ remix compilation and we couldn’t be more grateful to work with him.

MJ Nebreda – ‘Feeling Like I’m Gay’ (Coffintexts Remix)

As two gays, this song’s lyrics spoke to us. We plan to play it throughout this month in celebration of Pride and are on direct support for Coffintexts’ SoCal gigs.

Planningtorock – ‘Gay Dreams Do Come True

This classic house track is the epitome of queer joy and is really fun to sing along to. We resonate with this song because we are each living our best queer dream lives.


We are very inspired by the opportunity and accessibility that Sherelle is creating for underrepresented artists in electronic music. She recently launched a recording studio and academy to support black and queer artist development to help break down some of the barriers they face in starting careers in the music industry. This fast, bouncy track is a showcase of her revered high energy sound and hard house is a modern throwback to classic sounds we both love.

Object Blue – ‘Exorcism Of A Self-Help Book

We saw Object Blue last year and were wow’d by her set. We both have a strong love for leftfield and experimental music and the textures and obscurity of this track speak to us cerebrally.

Baby Weight – ‘Slay 4 Me’ (feat. Jesse Fields)

This track feels like an ode to drag and ballroom culture and is definitely a Pride anthem. We love how unapologetic Baby Weight is in living her truth and how she is such an advocate for queer people in the electronic music industry. She has a forthcoming remix for us in celebration of pride for the “In the Club Out” remix compilation.

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