Delilah Montagu Explores ‘The Bird’ EP In-Depth

Her intoxicating EP is out now...

Delilah Montagu is a truly special talent. A songwriter whose work is rich in nuance and blossoming in potential, she’s a talent who continually leaves you spellbound.

Her slim but potent catalogue gained another chapter over the weekend, with the release of her beautiful EP ‘The Bird’. Switching things up once more, the bucolic feeling to the arrangements perfectly aligns with her under-stated vocals.

Out now, the EP contains real breadth, while Delilah’s ultra-relatable lyrical stance melds together the personal with the universal. She comments…

‘The Bird’ kind of sums up all of the songs on the EP for me, they are talking about freedom and nature and exploitation and what better metaphor to use for that than a bird

Check out the EP in full below, then check out a track-by-track guide after the jump…

Do You Wanna Believe Me 

This one is about growing up and learning and it is me talking to my younger self trying to comfort her and say that even though it’s hard, everything is going to be okay. Sometimes I wish I’d been able to talk to grown up me when I was little so I could be told everything is okay. 


‘Coffee’ is about friendship and love, and for me the greatest form of love is someone bringing me a coffee. This was the first song we released before the rest of the EP was even written. I wrote this with Phil Simmonds and Lophiile and it went on to be a BBC Radio 1 Track of the week, which was such a nice highlight for my first release as an independent artist.

If I Were A Bird 

This is an interlude about wanting to love and protect the people you love and keep them safe, ‘if I was a bird I’d fly you away, to the edge of the world I’d keep you safe’… 

Without Words 

This song is all about a man and a woman who meet in Mexico City and neither of them speak the same language so they have to communicate without words. I was inspired to write this when I went to Mexico City for a week, there is so much we can say to each other without using words. 


This one is about my first love and the pain of knowing you cannot be in someone’s life but loving them anyway and always knowing they are there ‘i’ll sing to you from the trees’. 

I wrote this song at home in my bedroom and it was one of those songs that just kind of fell out and was finished in an hour. I think it’s a song I had been needing to write for years. 

‘The Bird’ EP is out now.

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