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Dark Sky

College tends to be a transitional phase in most people's lives.

A hub, an aggregating point, it affords you the chance to try new things, to explore new avenues. This was certainly the case for Dark Sky - a London trio who first crossed paths whilst attending college.

Swapping ideas, their mutual influences began to overlap, coalesce. A string of 12"s and EP releases have followed, with recent four-track document 'In Brackets' perhaps representing their pinnacle to date.

Clean, sleek electronics, that garage swing is matched to a soulful feel - deep house which goes beyond the trends, which aims to attain some sense of emotional weight as well as a dancefloor response.

Regulars on NTS, Dark Sky match their production ability with shrewd taste as selectors. Asked to compile a playlist by Brownswood affiliated project Beat N Trail, the trio was only too delighted to take part.

Launched by two members of the Brownswood staff, Beat N Trail finds four music fans travelling to this year's Dimensions Festival by bike. Cycling across Europe, they'll need plenty of new sounds to keep them occupied on those long continental roads.

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