Wicca Phase Springs Eternal
Cultural obsessions with Adam McIlwee...

Adam McIlwee has never wanted to be pinned down.

The musician previously operated as a member of Tigers Jaw, and actually formed the Gothboiclique, which featured the late Lil Peep.

Starting work as Wicca Phrase Springs Eternal, his devoutly independent artistry fuels the stark, imposing songwriting on his incoming debut album 'Suffer On'.

“It’s so much easier to write more impactful songs when you’re doing it from scratch,” McIlwee explains. “You create the journey for listeners as opposed to getting a map from a producer and trying to fit what you’re saying onto it. It’s all coming from me.”

Out on February 15th, 'Suffer On' seems to cast a spell, open a portal to a different universe.

Clash caught up with Wicca Phase Springs Eternal to discuss his cultural obsessions...

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I recently re-read David McGowan’s Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream, which proposes that the 1960’s/70’s counterculture movements were deliberately propped up by government agencies as a form of social engineering.

McGowan presents really strong evidence that’s convincing regardless of how conspiratorially-minded someone might be, and unlike some conspiracy literature that I’ve read, this book actually sold me on the arguments that were being made rather than simply furthering my questioning of the existing narrative.


Riverdale has been my escape from the super-serious dramas that I normally gravitate towards. I was watchingOzark and some random true crime shows before i went to bed every night and they were doing nothing to stop the anxiety I feel every night before sleeping.

Riverdale provides enough drama to keep me interested, but the stakes are so low and the tone is only semi-serious.


I haven’t watched a full movie in over a year. Maybe two years. I’m sorry. YouTube Right now I’m alternating between re-watching Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington’s On Cinema at the Cinemaand a seven part series on the Saturn Death Cult - but because I have to actually pay attention the latter, it’s taking me weeks to get through and I keep rewinding parts I miss.

Researching Saturn worship and connections between Saturn and the occult has commanded and insane amount of my time over the past few months, as there’s so many angles and different interpretations of the role that Saturn has played (and continues to play) in our world.

Regarding On Cinema… I just think Tim Heidecker is funny and enjoy his interactions with Gregg Turkington more than his other collaborators.


I’m obsessed with the song 'Eyes' by Cold Hart, Rawska and Yawns. This is the type of song I heard in my heard years ago when we were first starting GBC, and Yawns is doing so much to expand the boundaries of what GBC music can sound like. 10.0, best new music.


I thought external hard drive’s were for nerds until I ran out of space on my computer and couldn’t record anymore, so I bought one of those. I guess it’s cool.

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'Suffer On' will be released on February 15th.

Photo Credit: Poison Thorn

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