Twin Atlantic (Credit: Steve Gullick)
Scottish heroes discuss their extra-curricular activities...

Don't look now but Twin Atlantic are huge.

Like, recording in LA with Jacknife Lee huge. Touring in some of the country's biggest venues in the UK huge.

New album 'GLA' drops this week (September 9th, in fact) and there's absolutely no doubt that it's set to smash into the charts.

With Twin Atlantic currently prepping for one of their biggest ever headline tours, Clash decided to check out the band's extra-curricular activities in a fresh instalment of Culture Clash.

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Film - Leon (Ross)
Luc Besson made me feel homesick about a place I'd never even visited - New York City. It's so low key and eloquent, full of complex relationships played so perfectly, that you forget how messed up and out there the story is. It makes me feel alone but someone still warm. I love everything from the grain of the film to the environmental sound of the city. It's a masterpiece.

Book - Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (Sam)
Hunter S. Thompson has a vivid but honest take on people's esoteric human nature. It's a window into madness but also clarity. Seeing things for what they really are by finding humour and sickness is everyday gluttony! Bold words and a bold man!! I've been to Las Vegas and it is exactly as he described it. Full of lizards and dark corners where the American Dream died.

Album - Bruce Springsteen, 'Born To Run' (Sam)
It's nostalgia and future visions for me from start to finish. An album about escaping. Making your own future but feeling trapped and alone all at the same time. It's the album that made me want to write lyrics that are all based around imagery and widescreen moments that zoom in to personal details.

TV - House Of Cards
I'm fascinated by politics to begin with, and when you add in Kevin Spacey and some fairly far fetched conspiracy then you are on to a winner. There's so many twists and turns and their obsession with power is frightening, and when Frank speaks directly into your soul during his to-camera moments you really feel like you are involved in the show in a way that nothing else offers. Also Claire = "Jenny". What?!

Gadget - Aeropress (Ross)
We're all big coffee drinkers. I suppose it's something that you can kill an hour with every day and it became a game - who can find the best coffee - which in turn became an obsession. The Aeropress meant great coffee on the tour bus which revolutionised my boredom. I was not bored and wired to the moon.

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Catch Twin Atlantic at the following shows:

7 Newcastle University
8 Manchester Neighborhood Festival
9 Cardiff Yplas
11 Birmingham Institute
12 London Forum
14 Portsmouth Pyramids
15 Leeds Beckett University
16 Norwich Waterfront

10 Dublin Academy
11 Belfast Limelight
13 Glasgow Barrowlands
14 Glasgow Barrowlands
15 Glasgow Barrowlands

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