Cultural pursuits with the Texan duo...

Surfaces are making power moves.

The duo - Forrest Frank and Colin Padalecki - met while studying at college in Texas, with music quickly overtaking their academic pursuits.

Signing to 10K Projects / Homemade Projects, the duo released their scorching single 'Sunday Best' last year.

A phenomenal viral success, Surfaces then went straight back into the studio, swapping fresh ideas and working on new material.

Recent success 'Come Around' swept into 2021, with Surfaces then sharing all-out banger 'Let Me Know'.

Music plays a key role in their lives, clearly, but Clash wanted to go deeper on their cultural obsessions - so here's Surfaces with Culture Clash...

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Forrest: I'm just super into any reality competition show right now. Whether it's like glassblowing cooking, barbecuing, I love it all. Anytime I see like barbecue showdown, I just love watching the people react and compete. There's just something so authentic about that kind of television that's my recent obsession.

Colin: There used to be a TV show on VH1 one called Storytellers, and basically, they would grab an artist and put them in front of a live audience, and they would play like a small little set. Then they would like talk about how they wrote the songs from the set, why they wrote them, and how they came to be. I used to be obsessed with that show growing up because that was the coolest thing.

I remember John Mayer had a really good one. I don't even think he can find on the internet anymore, but I hope they bring it back.  


Forrest: The most recent film that has made me just want to evangelize about it was Parasite, but I know everyone's already seen Parasite by now! But to anyone of my friends who says they haven't seen Parasite, I'm like, “I'm gonna watch that movie with you. Because I want to watch your face as you see the movie. It's so good.”

Colin: I know this is widely renowned too but La La Land. I think it’s my favorite movie of all time. I'm a big romantic movie guy. And like, it’s funny because I’m not a big musicals guy, but it's just the perfect love story because it doesn't give you like the perfect ending. It’s realistic about two people chasing their dreams and at the end, they're glad that they took their like own paths even though it didn't end up perfectly coming together. In the end, they both lived like happy, fulfilled lives.  


Forrest: I don't think I've found my favorite book yet. I'm still searching. There's like other media forms that capture me more. I'm sure there's amazing books out there that I’d get obsessed with, but recently, nothing’s really done that for me.

Colin: Yeah, I agree. We love a good movie, song, TV show, but I haven’t found any great books recently.   


Forrest: I think Inside Steve Lacy has been a huge obsession recently. I haven’t been as obsessed with something since.

Colin: Not to be that guy, but I just keep playing Blonde by Frank Ocean over and over again. I’m just obsessed with how Frank can have no drums and the song is still captivating. You have to have such fascinating melodies to be that minimal. If anyone else was that minimal, I would probably not enjoy it half as much. I don’t know how he takes just a bunch of melodies on top of a simple piano progression or guitar and it’s still totally full. So interesting.  


Colin: Forrest just got me an OP-1 for my birthday. There’s unlimited possibilities on that thing. I’m still figuring out its full power. It’s so inventive, the graphics and the presets are so artistic and different. I think the design is so cool. They didn’t have to do it that beautifully, but they did.

Forrest: I just got a reverse osmosis water system, and it’s the best thing I have. Water filters strip away all the minerals that hydrate and nourish your body, so this thing plugs into our water line. It looks like a briefcase with a lot of tubes and stuff. It restores the proper minerals back into the water. It’s awesome.

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