An archive piece from 2010...
Mike Patton

A few moments ago, Clash set live an interview with Faith No More's Roddy Bottum focussing on the reformed band's rather great new album 'Sol Invictus'.

Digging into the archives, we're able to offer up something equally special. Faith No More singer Mike Patton took part in our regular Culture Clash column back in 2010 but, for a variety of reasons, it was never used.

Until now. Check it out below.

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Currently on tour with the reformed Faith No More, vocalist Mike Patton’s eclectic musical projects have also included Mr. Bungle, Fantômas and Peeping Tom.

His current solo album, Mondo Cane, revisits classic Italian pop songs. His recent cultural tips are as unpredictable as his music.

I’ve been on a French crime spree. Jean-Pierre Melville I’ve been really into lately; Le deuxième soufflé, Red Circle is amazing, Army of Shadows is incredible. Most of these have Lena Ventura in who was an amazing actor. Bob le flambeur is also totally amazing. They’re the four that I’ve been watching over and over again. They’re intelligent action movies. Every shot is like a composition with a lot of detail and incredible dialogue.

Live Act
Bad Brains were one of the more visceral groups I’ve ever seen. More recently Ivo Papasov, a clarinet player who plays Bulgarian wedding music. If you’re curious, these things just pop up from time to time. Other times you’ve got to dig them out. As a musician, that feels really natural.

I went to Indonesia and had a great time. I saw some amazing things; cremation ceremonies, puppet show theatres, shadow puppets, a wedding. There’s music everywhere, so you can just wander down the street, follow your ears and you’ll end up in the middle of something amazing more often than not. At the cremation ceremony you’re part of a giant parade and people are slamming cymbals in your face. It’s pretty aggressive.

Then they build a really elaborate bull with a coffin in it and everyone puts their offerings in there. So the guy’s got this amazing collection of wealth and then they burn him! If I’m gonna go, that’s not a bad way.

The only TV I watch is stuff from the Sixties. But I love Planet Earth. I’ve developed a real crush on David Attenborough. It’s hard to go to sleep without hearing his voice.

To Hellholes and Back by Chuck Thompson. He describes really horrific places and his experiences there. He goes to the Congo, various war zones and then the last place he goes is Disneyland. And he swears that’s the scariest place of all!

I’m really into those little Flip video cameras. It’s a tiny video camera smaller than a phone and it records HD video. You put it in your pocket and aim and go. It’s got a tiny little screen so you can’t really see what you’re shooting but when you blow it up on your computer it’s HD and looks great.

Interview by Ben Hopkins

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'Sol Invictus' is out now.

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