Dancehall queen on her cultural pursuits...

Lisa Mercedez is bringing a UK flavour to dancehall.

Absolute fire on the mic, she's earned acclaim and co-signs from the Jamaica kingpins, all while reppin' her own style.

Her first EP 'Drama Free' is incoming, and it adds a little bit of bashment swagger to these chilly Autumn days.

Out on November 13th, it finds Lisa Mercedez operating in her own lane, presenting her own sound.

New single 'Bumpa' is out now, a blast of dancehall swagger that has a kind of infectious, cartoonish quality to it.

Clash caught up with Lisa Mercedez to pin down her cultural pursuits.

- - -

TV Show

I can be a sucker for a good series, but I have to be in the mood.

The last thing I watched was Queen Of The South. It's a series that every woman should watch. My favourite character is Teresa Mendoza, she’s an exceptional survivor, and a very powerful individual.

There’s something about a powerful woman which I find very inspiring. The powerhouse energy and boss mentality that Teresa gives off, it just shows that we as women can be boss chicks and do whatever we set our minds to, you can take one and two things like the strong mind set, the determination and the success and incorporate it into your own career path. 


To be honest with you, I’m not really a big fan of reading books so I haven’t got a favourite book to say! I don't have much time on my hands so I never really get the chance to read, even if it crosses my mind to.

I know I should read more because reading increases knowledge and empowers our minds, so lately especially because of this pandemic I have started to become more interested in reading books like The Secret, Law of Attraction and the Psychology of Money.

Music Hmm, this is a hard one.... it’s hard for me to choose a favourite album because I’ve got so many that I love for different moods and reasons... for example when I’m in a happy, dancing mood I’ll pull up my favourite dancehall or hip hop album (Patra 'Queen of the Pack' or Nicki Ninaj 'The Pink Print') and whenever I think I’m in love I would play my favourite soul or R&B album (Like The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill). Lol...

And when I’m in a relaxing mood I’ll play my favourite reggae album. Bob Marley's 'No Woman No Cry' is my go-to uplifting song for whenever I’m feeling down. So yeah I’ve got different go-tos for different mood swings.


I haven’t really watched a new film in a while, but if I was to watch one it would be a suspense film, I also love psychological thriller films.

The last film I watched was Obsessed (starring Beyoncé) and that day I was just bored scrolling through Netflix and it popped up, I clicked on the preview and it just drew my attention straight away... But other than that I only watch a film if I’m chilling out with a friend or if I have a partner we might suggest watching something together, other than that I don’t really watch films on a regular basis, I have to be in the mood!


My phone is essential, I can’t imagine living without it. I’ve got so many apps on it that are useful, I've got one or two brain-teaser apps on it that I love!

I also have my AirPods for when I want to zone out and listen to my favourite music or my bedtime relaxing sounds. My iMac is also a must have, I have to have that at home always for emergency recording purposes.. Also I'm a lover of a good speaker especially if it has Siri on it!

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