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Culture Clash is where we delve a little deeper into the reading, listening and viewing habits of our favourite artists, basically to see if they’ve any recommendations to share with us. We don’t get to go out much, so we’re basically living through these people.

Here, we’ve the Erased Tapes-signed duo Kiasmos, aka Ólafur Arnalds and Bloodgroup producer Janus Rasmussen. The pair’s eponymous debut album is out next week, and it’s a little bit bloody great – read our 9/10 review here

Want to know what have they been reading and watching of late? You’re in the right place.

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Ólafur: I was catching up on Murakami in the summer, but I haven’t read much since I got back to work in the studio. 
Janus: Not really a book, but I read the whole The Walking Dead comic series this summer. Lovely stuff.

Ólafur: Prisoners absolutely pulled me in. Even on a flight from Dubai to Sydney, a situation in which almost no films really manage to grab you. The score by Jóhann Jóhannsson was also fantastic.
Janus: The last movie I watched was The Grand Budapest Hotel. It was great fun. I just love Wes Anderson’s cinematic style.

Ólafur: I’m so boring. I think it would just be my iPhone.
Janus: My MacBook Pro or my iPhone. Apple is taking over my life.

Ólafur: Recently I’ve been really getting into the ‘Ethiopiques’ series by Mulatu Astatke – it’s Ethiopian Jazz.
Janus: I’m all about R&B these days. Loving José James at the moment.

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True Detective, official trailer

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TV Show…
Ólafur: Everything about True Detective is amazing. The direction, story, acting, score, cinematography – there is a five-minute long one-shot scene in episode four which had me gaping.
Janus: I'll have to agree with Óli on this one. True Detective is truly breath taking.

Video Game…
Ólafur: So, I don't play a lot. But once a year I decide to ignore my studio for a week and buy a computer game. The last one I played was Grand Theft Auto V. In fact, me and Janus played it together over Christmas while drinking whiskey.
Janus: Season two of Telltale’s The Walking Dead game. I’m kind of obsessed with The Walking Dead, really.

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Photo: Hé∂inn Eiríksson

‘Kiasmos’ is released on October 27th through Erased Tapes. The label has a stall in conjunction with Clash at the Independent Label Market, London on November 29th.

Kiasmos online

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