Culture Clash: Jodie Harsh

A catch-up with the queer icon...

Queer icon Jodie Harsh is a legendary figure in London nightlife. A larger-than-life personality, Jodie’s performances have become the stuff of myth, a true icon for the LGBTQI+ community and beyond.

This year has brought massive success and recognition Jodie’s way, with a flurry of high profile festival slots. A string of excellent singles have blended frisky lyricism to excellent production, and new release ‘Celebrate sets Jodie’s sights even higher.

Out now, it was co-produced alongside the iconic Tim Powell of Xenomania and Parx, a dancefloor mover that is unashamed in its joyous energy. Jodie Harsh comments…

“‘Celebrate’ is the most joyful tune I’ve ever made. It’s a tale of turning sadness into happiness with lyrics about a broken heart being fixed and finding a true celebration. Musically, I was influenced by my heroes Daft Punk on this one, tapping into my ever-present love for the pure disco joy.”

Set to play London venue Here @ Outernet on November 18th, Jodie’s new single has already gained a high profile slot on the final season of hit Netflix comedy-drama Sex Education.

Clash caught up with Jodie Harsh to talk cultural highlights…

TV show 

Recently I got hooked on Sex Education. My tune ‘Celebrate’ was used in the show so I went to watch that episode, and it was so that I bashed through all seasons in a couple of weekends!


Touring And Mental Health by Tamsin Embleton. I saw Honey Dijon post it on her story and she’s great with a recc, so I bought it and took it on holiday. It’s a really thorough guide to staying grounded in the high oftance music industry for artists, managers, roadies etc. 


That’s such a big question! Favourite album that I always refer back to is Deee-Lite’s ‘World Clique’, they used to have so much fun with dance music and sampling and having fun. 


All the Hayao Miyazaki cartoons. Spirited Away is an obvious choice but it’s just so good. Bladerunner is another favourite, I must have watched it three times this year alone. 


I mean the iPhone is pretty great isn’t it? You can do everything on it. I remember my maths teacher used to say ‘you won’t have a calculator in your pocket all the time!’ and guess what, I do. My screen time is off the chain… I guess we’re robots now. 

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