Coventry riser on his cultural obsessions...

Coventry kid JAY1 is busy upending expectations, his unique UK rap sound rapidly becoming the soundtrack of choice.

Releasing a string of fantastic singles, his raw flair and addictive touch has put the MC in a league of his own.

New mixtape 'One Wave' is out now, and it's a superb demonstration of the skills that have made JAY1 so sought after.

Clash caught up with JAY1 for Culture Clash, exploring his cultural obsessions - and Spongebob Squarepants gets a shout out...

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To be completely honest with you I don’t really read books, I know I should read more though. The last proper book I read was probably Of Mice And Men which I read in school in like year 11.

I do want to start reading more life books by inspirational people though, books on how to become successful and to help motivate me when I need inspiration.

TV Show...

I like starting the day with a bit of old school My Wife & Kids Its always on the telly and just an easy funny way to start the day. I’m really into comedies and funny cartoons like SpongeBob SquarePants & Family Guy they’re easy to watch and make me laugh. On a more serious note I’m really into Top Boy I’m excited for the new series to start on Netflix later in this year.

I’m not really into all the big hyped up shows that everyone else is watching, things like Game of Thrones and stuff like that I’m just too lazy to get into them haha!


My album of the moment has got to be the new MoStacks album ‘Stacko.’ It’s just one of those albums that is made for summer, I really like that ‘Shine Girl’ track featuring Stormzy it’s the sort of album you can stick on when the sun is shining and its good vibes. I’ve been really into that new Stormzy track ‘Crown’ too so I think when that new album comes out it’ll be great.

I’ve also been a big fan of Ed Sheeran’s for a while now, I'm really into the new stuff he’s got out from his new collabs album so that’s one I’m looking forward too. Also it’s the year of Lil Nas X so ‘Old Town Road’ has had lots of spins.

I’ve been getting into a bit of Latin music at the moment too, there is an artist called Dalex and his track ‘Pa Mi’ ft. Rafa Pabón that’s I’ve been listening to a lot recently.


Honestly, I haven’t watch a new film in a long time, I only really watch a film if I’m in a hotel and I’m chilling and it just sort of come on the telly.

I think the last film I watched was probably Coach Carter and that was when I was in a hotel in Coventry, I think I was just there for the night and it came on. I remember when that 17 Again film came out with Zac Efron I was really into that I think I watched it like five times, I think I just thought his character was funny.


It’s probably obvious but my phone is essential, I always need that around me. Whenever I come up with a melody or lyric I always record it on my phone ASAP so I don’t forget it, it’s so handy having something there to catch those moments so I don’t lose them.

I’ve also got a Sonic The Hedgehog 2 game on there that I’m playing a lot at the moment too so that helps when I get bored or have some downtime. Also, my PS4 although I don’t really play games on it a lot haha! 

Mainly I’ll use it for the other apps like Netflix, so I can watch my SpongeBob SquarePants haha!

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'One Wave' is out now.

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