Culture Clash: Good Morning

Culture Clash: Good Morning

Cultural passions explored...

Australian duo Good Morning have a habit of popping up in unexpected places.

A group whose reputation precedes them, they've been sampled by A$AP Rocky and watched as their music went viral.

Really, though, Good Morning is about friendship, and the long-standing relationship between two people.

Liam Parsons and Stefan Blair forge the project, with their new single 'Barnyard' set to add another chapter to their story.

Out on October 22nd, we caught up with Good Morning ahead of this to discuss their cultural pursuits...

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I’ve watched a looot of TV recently, and this month is really good for television which is cool. The lockdown means I’ve burned through nearly everything that piques my interest, but there are a few new seasons coming out this month that I’m excited for.

A new season of Succession is huge news. I love that show, it’s so tense and gross and makes me feel kinda conflicted when I start to sympathise with some of the characters, which I love. I also love that the third season is gonna be the last. It seems like humans think that because something is successful, that it should carry on until every penny has been squeezed out of it for some stupid reason, but sometimes ending things truly is for the best.

I’m also super excited for the new season of On Cinema, and I wish nothing but the best for Tim and Toni Newman as they navigate married life.

Oh! A new season of Curb is very exciting too, I’m excited to have shows to watch again.


I’ve started so many books throughout the pandemic and only finished a handful ha. I’m trying to convince myself to read more fiction, as I pretty much exclusively read biographies. Recently I started on Yoko Ogawa’s ‘Memory Police’ for a while, and then moved to Kurt Vonnegut’s Mother Night for a while, but my attention span is pretty non-existent at the minute.

A couple bio’s I’ve loved recently are Marcus O’Dair’s Different Every Time, which is a biography on Robert Wyatt. I love Robert Wyatt, he’s had such a strange and beautiful career, and made some truly special records. Similar deal to Succession, I think he made one of the coolest choices anyone can, and retired from music.

Another one I really loved was Tim Lawrence’s Hold Onto your Dreams: Arthur Russell and the Downtown Music Scene 1973-1992. I love Arthur Russell so much and Tim Lawrence’s bio is so incredibly detailed. If you’re a big Arthur Russell nerd like me you should also check out Matt Wolf’s documentary Wild Combination.


Oooh shit. Three records I’ve been listening to a lot recently are Little Simz’s ‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert’, The Pastels ‘Truckload of Trouble’ and Carol King’s ‘Rhymes and Reasons’.


I’ve developed a bad habit of buying ludicrously expensive streams on Disney+ just because I miss going to the movies so much and I just wanna watch a new film.

I streamed The Rock’s latest, Jungle Cruise and was super bored, so bored I can’t even remember the plot, which is surprising because typically I love The Rock. The current lockdown also meant that our sweet Melbourne International Film Festival had to be moved online for the second year in a row.

I really enjoyed a few of the documentaries they had on offer though - Lisa Rovna’s Sisters With Transistors was amazing, John Daschbach’s Come Back Anytime was really enjoyable too, and the Tony Bourdain doco Roadrunner was great too, super sad, but it was nice to have Tony back on the screen for a while.


My most recent gadget is probably a Nintendo Switch? It’s been really nice to play some Mario Kart and Smash Bros. I’ve probably spent most my time playing Breathe of the Wild though which I love love love.

Also there’s a pretty amazing Korg app you can get on the Switch that has all these amazing 8-bit sounding synths on it - they may or may not be the defining sound of the 7th album currently being recorded by the band good morning.

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'Barnyard' will be released on October 22nd.

Photo Credit: Nick Mckk

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