Foster The People
Mark Foster undergoes our inquisition...

Foster The People are back, and this time it's personal.

New album 'Sacred Hearts Club' is out now, offering up some of the project's most mature, rounded, and infectious material yet.

Mark Foster steers the group, but this new record feels like a definitely band-oriented effort, broad yet concise in its conception.

With that new album gleaming on both digital and physical record shelves, Mark Foster kindly agreed to take part in our regular Culture Clash feature...

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It’s hard to name a favourite book, but recently I had a strange epiphany. I read a book called My Side Of The Mountain when I was about nine years old. It's about a teenage kid that leaves his family in New York and learns to live off the land in the Catskills mountains.

I remember feeling completely empowered seeing life through this independent kid's eyes. It instilled a confidence in me early on that I didn't need anybody to survive. I could figure it out. I begged my parents to get me my own apartment when I was 11. Of course they didn't, but I don't think that sense of exploration ever left me.

I remember watching North By Northwest when I was about eight years old for the first time. My best friend was over at my house and we were rummaging through hundreds of classic VHS tapes that my parents had. I don't even know how we landed on that one but it was instantly my favourite.

It wasn't until years later when I was in my 20s and re-watched the film, that I realised I loved the movie for its score, equally, as it's visual and thematic elements. It was probably my first introduction to left of centre music. If you listen to the breakdown of 'Loyal Like Sid & Nancy' you'll hear the Bernard Hermann influence.

Album I honestly can't name a favourite record. I'd say 'Pet Sounds' was probably the most influential record as a developing musician. After listening to this song probably thousands of times in my life, 'God Only Knows' still retains its depth, childlike innocence, and profundity as it did the first time I ever heard it. To me that song is the beating heart of 'Pet Sounds.’

TV Show
In my opinion nothing has quite touched the writing, directing, acting, character development, and pure genius, that is 'Breaking Bad.' It's high art.

I have this gadget at home called a Furbo. It's basically a multi-purpose camera so I can keep an eye on my dog through my iPhone when I'm out of the house. But it has a speaker and a microphone so I can talk to him if he's being bad, and if he's being good I can make this thing spit out a treat. I'm basically like the Wizard Of Oz. Hiding behind a god-like machine, blowing my dogs fucking mind when nobody's home.

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'Sacred Hearts Club' is out now.

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