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Tilly's Kianna Alarid answers our questions...

Omaha-based (tap) dance-poppers Tilly And The Wall release their new single, ‘Pot Kettle Black’, this week via Moshi Moshi.

The track’s taken from the five-piece’s third album ‘o’, out now. Find it reviewed HERE.

Over to Kianna Alarid – bassist and vocalist (and one-time florist) – for the latest in our Culture Clash Extra series…

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National Velvet. From the moment I rode my first horse with my grandfather at age two I have had an unbreakable bond with horses. I believe only other ‘horse girls’ can truly and honestly understand this affinity. So when I saw this movie for the first time around age seven, I felt that connection with Velvet through and through. I knew exactly how she felt when she fell in deep love with the Pie. I also connected with her fearlessness around horses… it’s a weird thing to feel unafraid of something so powerful. It comes from a mutual respect and understanding. Elizabeth Taylor herself is a self-proclaimed horse girl and I just fell straight in love with her and her incredible violet eyes. This movie makes me so happy.


The Plague by Albert Camus. This book is famously existential but not in the dire, nihilistic way. It’s more about human compassion and that even in the face of utter irrationality of existence, we all have in us the power to be good and to use that, for it’s all we can do. The story is beautiful and heartbreaking. I adore his writing and all of his books.


Fever Ray’s self-titled album. My friends can attest that I am sliiiightly obsessive about things that I really like. For instance The Knife, and now also Fever Ray. This is Karin from The Knife’s solo project and it showcases her signature vocal fuckery and all of the great aspects of the slower Knife songs on ‘Silent Shout’. It’s not a high-energy dance party but a more mid-tempo, more private dance party. One of those records with songs that make you wait an entire minute for one single noise to return to the chorus. It’s like this gentle, building suspense and when it happens… It’s a grower so give it about three listens all the way through and it will start to unfold in ways you may have missed before.


Currently it’s ‘My Girls’ by Animal Collective. Obviously EVERYbody loves this song, right?! I have always liked Animal Collective a lot but this album’s transparent pop sensibilities (REVIEW) make this one dear to my heart. Noise kids like these have all the right ideas and harnessing them into (more) accessible pop singles is a force to be reckoned with. WATCH OUT RADIO!

Television show/series

Ab Fab! My parents always watched Comedy Central through my formative years. I grabbed on to this show tightly when I was sixteen and never let go! Ab Fab quotes are a part of my daily life and I can count a true friend if they pick up on them! This show encompasses all the great and fun parts of being an addict and none of the truly terrible… that could be a bad thing, but I don’t care! Actually, I think it does show you how bad it is, you just have to be smart enough to know it! Hahahah! Burning down your kitchen is pretty bad… but then again not when you get to rebuild it with all your ex’s money and start with a doorknob from New York for inspiration!


Whoop Dee Doo, Kansas City Collective (link). Whoop Dee Doo is a faux public access show put together by a group of vibrant and crazy Kansas City artists. It’s like a variety show “for kids” that features different acts/skits and dance parties each episode! They’ve branched out to different cities (like New York Citay) and though the KC crew goes with they also showcase the local community’s talents! They even came to Omaha and Tilly got to perform! We took the opportunity to make a music video out of it for our song ‘Alligator Skin’ which you can see HERE. They also accept the help from any of you out there who are creative and want to make shit out of paper mache or just want to dance! Keep up on them so you can find out if they’re coming to a city near you!

Holiday destination

Iceland. You must look past this country’s uninviting name and book a ticket to Iceland as soon as you possibly can. I truly believe everybody should visit Iceland at least once in your life. And once you go, you will want to go back again and again. We were fortunate enough to get there via our “job” and play the Iceland Airwaves Festival. If you’re a music fan then I suggest you go during the festival as it’s hosted by Iceland Airways and they offer specials and deals on travel during this time. You’ll be totally floored by the almost lunar landscape and beautiful people. Among a TON of other things you can visit geysers that erupt every five minutes, bathe in the famous Blue Lagoon hot springs, ride the proud Icelandic horse and visit a ton of ultra-cool clothing shops in the beautiful city of Reykjavik. This country is literally ALIVE despite its current financial woes. They’re current problems do have a positive aspect though… it’s cheaper to travel there and any travel there helps their economy. Please go!

Gig venue

This one is REALLY tough but since our last London show was such a memorable one for us, I’m going to go with ULU! The youth of London comes in strong for shows in this venue and with them they bring a magical energy and give it freely! This type of energy makes us go crazy and we live to reciprocate it and start a viciously beautiful cycle of madness! Plus, the “green room” is down in a squash court and you get to watch swimmers practice as you walk down there! Hot!

Live band/DJ

Of Montreal is famous for their live shows for a reason. They work very diligently on creating something insanely fun to watch and I mean, like with their own bare hands and their own sweat and blood and tears! They bring it for real and you will always be entertained. And really, isn’t that what a “SHOW” is all about?!?!? Plus, they sound amazing always, and Kevin’s voice is phenomenal. A lot of current and past pop stars sound learn a thing or two about performing from these guys. As for DJ, is Tiesto the best DJ? Ummm, yes! In the world, and I am not alone here! I’m actually pretty sure he’s been voted as such many times in many places. Anyone who can OWN tens of thousands of people at once has something really special happening. He’s also one of the nicest people ever and I just love him. His songs will get you moving no matter HOW tired or cross you’re feeling!

Tilly & The Wall – ‘Pot Kettle Black’

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‘Pot Kettle Black’ and the album ‘o’ are out now on Moshi Moshi. Find Tilly & The Wall on MySpace HERE.

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