Culture Clash Extra: My Morning Jacket

Patrick Hallahan talks downtime pursuits

Celebrated Kentucky five-piece My Morning Jacket released their fifth studio album earlier this year, to excellent acclaim.

‘Evil Urges’ attracted praise from the likes of nationals, monthlies and website alike (although influential stateside site Pitchfork gave it a little kicking); frontman Jim James had stated it was the band’s intention to get away from ‘traditional’ rock sounds, and songs like ‘Highly Suspicious’ proved they’d succeeded.

Clash caught up with drummer Patrick Hallahan in pursuit of brain-picking Culture Clash information…

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My Morning Jacket – ‘I’m Amazed’

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The Party, starring Peter Sellers. It’s about an accident-prone Indian actor who’s name was put on the ‘invite’ list instead of the ‘fired’ list. This movie, much like most Sellers movies, is pure genius.


‘Appetite For Life: The Biography of Julia Child’, by Noël Riley Fitch. She was such a lovable woman, and lived life to the fullest. I grew up watching her quirky, often hilarious cooking shows, and had to know more about the legend behind the lady.


‘Living Is Hard: West African Music In Britain, 1927-1929’. I’ve been buying up all of these fantastic early-to-mid 20th century Afrobeat collections lately. ‘Living Is Hard’ is my latest purchase, and the only time I’ve pulled it off of the record player (in the last week) is to flip over to the next side. Simple structure and complex composition… a valuable lesson for any musician/songwriter.


‘Lullabys, Legends, and Lies’ by Bobby Bare. Bobby Bare, Sr. has, in my opinion, one of the most perfect country voices to grace the music. Mix that voice with Shel Silverstein lyrics, and you have ‘Lullabys, Legends, and Lies’. I’ve listen to this song AT LEAST once a day for the last three months.

Television show/series

My wife and I don’t have cable because we don’t watch or need much television. When we do watch, it’s always on our three Public Television channels, and it’s usually a documentary or Antiques Road Show. We LOVE the British/original version of The Office, too.


I just saw Body Worlds for the second time last month. So fantastic…

Holiday destination

Madison Square Gardens! I’m so excited about this New Year’s Eve my stomach hurts.

Gig venue

We’ve played so many different venues in the last decade it’s unbelievable, but the 40 Watt in Athens, GA always comes to mind when I’m thinking of my favourites. We’ve played bigger and more ornate rooms, but very few rival the spirit of that building and the people who make it all happen. The 40 Watt is a guaranteed highlight to any of our tours. AND, after the show, J.B. is outside cooking amazing sausages with “come back sauce” – it’s so good, you’ll be coming back for more.

Live band/DJ

I just ran across a performance by Thievery Corporation on Austin City Limits that really peaked my interest. I was not that familiar with their music, but have been moved by what they do live.

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Stateside readers can catch My Morning Jacket playing, as Patrick mentions above, Madison Square Gardens in New York on December 31. Get more information and music at MySpace, and be sure to see where My Morning Jacket rank in our Top 40 Tracks of 2008… if they do! The countdown begins on Monday, December 1.

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