Exploded View
Cultural concerns with the international trio...

Exploded View span the length of the Atlantic.

A creative endeavour that moves between Berlin-based lyricist/vocalist Annika Henderson, and Mexico City-based multi-instrumentalists Hugo Quezada and Martin Thulin, the group's conversations, though stretched, are undoubtedly vital.

Barbed electronics with a taste of pop noir, the trio recently sealed off sessions for new album 'Obey', an intoxicating, probing, relentlessly groundbreaking work.

Out on September 28th, it's informed by music first and foremost, but it's a literate, cinematic experience, plugged into daring ideas across the arts.

The perfect candidates for Culture Clash, then...

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Martin Thulin: Atheist Manifesto - The Case Against Christianity, Judaism, and Islam by Michel Onfray I grew up in a pretty much atheist country, Sweden, but it's still a very Christian country when it comes to values. This book helps you see what death cults Christianity, Judaism and Islam really are.


Martin Thulin: Stranger By The Lake, directed by Alain Guiraudie. A movie about a man who sees another man drowning his boyfriend by a lake which has a gay cruising area. The man starts dating the murder. Interesting movie about the nature of human desire.

Annika Henderson: Fun In Acapulco from 1963, featuring Elvis Presley. I watched this film one bad Berlin winter, when I was sat at home freezing and was dreaming of being in Acapulco. Somehow about a year later, I made it to Acapulco, watched the cliff jumpers and sat at the poolside of the Pink Flamingo. Dreams can come true.


Martin Thulin: Nico's 'The End'. One of the most beautiful albums ever made, except for the detail that Phil Manzanera destroys the cover of the Doors' 'The End' with a man spreading guitar solo.

TV Show...

Martin Thulin: Twin Peaks. Well, this TV series simply marked my whole generation as we'd wait religiously for a new episode every week. Loved the new one too.


Martin Thulin: Korg MS-20. Simply för the fact it was the first synth I played with at age six. Lot's of fun. We had one in the family but we don't remember where it ended up. In some abandoned rehearsal space, maybe?

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Exploded View will release new album 'Obey' on September 28th.

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