Production powerhouse on their off duty activities...

The music literally never stops for Disciples.

The production trio fuse underground sounds with a chart flair, crashing into the mainstream as a result.

Travelling across the globe, Disciples will return to London in February for a full live show at KOKO.

Set to dominate the festival season, Disciples need some extra-curricular activities to unwind between gig.

That's what Culture Clash is for, after all...

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Favourite Book...
To Kill A Mockingbird, it’s a great book. I wasn’t the strongest reader in school and the storyline got me hooked. It ended up making me read better because I was so engrossed in the storyline.

I became a better reader from that book. Also, it was sad and I like sad, emotional things. It helps me write music.

Favourite Film...
That’s a tough one... The Butterfly Effect. The reason being the concept of the film: a butterfly can flap its wings in Kansas City in America and effectively cause an earthquake in Japan. What they mean is, every small action, begets a big reaction at some point later on in life. Every decision you make matters.

I’d like to think that’s something I live by but unfortunately I go with my heart too much and often make the wrong decisions.

Favourite Album...
Michael Jackson’s ‘Off The Wall’ - for obvious reasons. He was the pinnacle of everything in music. Without him, there would be no us.

Take ‘Can’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’ for instance, we like that he made funk cool, because it was originally just in clubs and discos. He brought it to the radio stations and changed the whole lifestyle. ‘Off The Wall’ was responsible for a lifestyle and not just great music.

Favourite TV...
House Of Cards. It has an incredible storyline of American politics. It’s amazing the way the writers have written it for us to understand American politics and how devious it is; the storylines are just second to none.

Favourite Gadget...
My favourite gadget has to be my Go Pro because I can set it up anywhere and record people candidly. People in their natural habitat are very interesting to watch.

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Catch Disciples at Snowbombing and Hideout next year - the band will also be performing at London's KOKO on February 22nd.

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