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Dan Mangan + Blacksmith

JUNO Award-winning songwriter Dan Mangan is back in 2015 with a new album, and a new project: ‘Club Meds’, out this week on City Slang, is released under the moniker of Dan Mangan + Blacksmith.

To mark the record’s release, we asked Dan to fill us in on what he’s been loving from the worlds of books, movies and more, as part of our regular Culture Clash series.

Dan Mangan + Blacksmith, ‘Vessel’, from ‘Club Meds’

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"Heretics, by Will Storr. This arrived in the post from our good pal Steve Adams (or SteveN JAMES Adams, of Singing Adams/Broken Family Band if you want to get picky about it). It captured both him and his wife, and then became this constant talking point for my wife and I here in Vancouver. It’s colloquial yet complex, informative but human. The kind of book that sticks with you and challenges the way you interpret circumstance. Brilliant."


"The Stories We Tell, directed by Sarah Polly. This is an amazing dissection of perspective. It’s a documentary, kind of a family-tree-biography, but also, in itself, a meta-exploration of what it means to tell a story in the first place, and the insane amount of assumptions we place in all the gaps. It’s also really beautiful and brings up a lot of ideas about family and history. A must-see."


"‘Who Is William Onyeabor?’ by William Onyeabor. I’m currently completely immersed in this album. It’s a compilation of his work put out by Luaka Bop. Unreal Nigerian synth music with Ethiopique-esque feel. 1970s/’80s. The guy is a total recluse today and won’t even talk about any of this music now. New Wave meets Kuti meets 1960s/’70s soul."

TV show…

"Would it be socially redundant to mention Louie? Nothing like it. Ever. Possibly the cleverest bit of random TV narratives ever assembled. So real and yet entirely fantastical."


"I picked up a Korg Monotribe while in Portland a few months back. Perfect touring van toy for messing around with synth/drum sounds, because it takes batteries, has built-in speakers and is decently small. Plus, when you actually plug it into something it sounds fairly badass."

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Photo: Shimon Karmel

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