Culture Clash: Bright Light Bright Light

Exploring the songwriter's extra-curricular activities...

Bright Light Bright Light is a vivid, deeply individual talent.

Based in London yet born in Wales, Rod Thomas is an introvert soul with an extrovert talent.

Lauded by Elton John, the cult songwriter will return this summer with new album 'Choreography' and a slew of live appearances.

Ahead of this, Clash caught up with Bright Light Bright Light to examine his extra-curricular likes, and dislikes.

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I read Edmund White’s ‘City Boy’ when I moved to New York to record ‘Life Is Easy’ and I think about it all the time. I loved learning about the city back in the 60s and 70s and reading about it through White’s eyes, especially as a gay man making my way there in a very, very different time.

‘The Lobster’ – If you don’t find your perfect partner in 40 days, you’re turned into an animal (of your choice). I think that’s my favourite premise of a film in a very long time. Beautifully shot with a really incredible cast who really shine in a weird, charming, dark fantasy.

Bat For Lashes, ‘The Bride’. I love this woman. She gets better every record as well, which is impressive given her debut. She’s macabre, charming, violent and soft all at once on this album, and spoken word track ‘Widow’s Peak’ is an ABSOLUTE standout on a really spectacular album. Among all the strong female talent in the UK I think Natasha is truly unique.

I don’t really have any care for gadgets other than my iPhone which is obviously very useful, but most people have a phone so that’s a super boring answer. So I’ll say my Roland SPDS-X that I use on stage. Drum pads that I use to play all my backing vocals on stage when I don’t have / can’t afford to travel with backing singers. Lots of fans really love that part of the show and it’s quite a fun way to sidestep the challenges of touring on a really tight budget. I don’t know if that counts as a “gadget” or not!

TV Show
Have you seen Schitt’s Creek? If not, change that immediately. For her performance I think Catherine O’Hara deserves every award going. She’s even more unhinged than she was in Beetlejuice. The whole cast are brilliant actually. I don’t think it’s had the distribution it deserves to date, but it’s really worth hunting down as there are some scenes that have kept me laughing for a very long time.

Video Game
'Legend Of Zelda – A Link To The Past' – one of the best game soundtracks ever. Aside from how great the plot and characters are, and how gorgeous the graphics are throughout, the soundtrack alone makes playing this game a total joy. I got so lost in the world of 'A Link To The Past' it’s the only game I wanted to start playing again as soon as I finished it.

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'Choreography' will be released on July 15th.

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