Joe James on his fondness for detectives and dragons...

Currently touring in support of recently released third studio album ‘The Good Youth’ (Red Bull Records), northwest rock foursome Blitz Kids have quite the record for delivering an all-energy live performance. We’ve seen enough photos to practically taste the sweat, thanks.

But what does frontman Joe James get up to when he’s not in the studio, on stage, or on the loo? Some of these things, as he reveals via our regular Culture Clash feature…

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Blitz Kids, ‘Sometimes’

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“My favourite film at the moment is The Wolf Of Wall Street. I think it’s one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s finest performances, and if he doesn’t win an Oscar for it then there's no justice in the world. ‘Enough is never enough’ should be the tag line for this movie. This, coincidently, is the mantra that we live by every day on tour.”


“I’m fully addicted to Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag at the moment. You get to be a pirate – and that fact should sell it alone. There’s no better feeling than swan-diving from the top of a crow’s nest and laying waste to the captain. This is my ship now, matey.”


“I’ve been obsessed with The Neighbourhood’s last album, ‘I Love You’, for a good few months now. It’s unlike any music I’ve ever heard before. They’ve really taken up the position that less is more, and it really works for them. They are so together musically and stylistically that it just creates such a formidable movement. Mad respect.”

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The Neighbourhood, ‘Sweater Weather’

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“I’m working my way through the outrageously epic and sickeningly good Game Of Thrones books, A Song Of Ice And Fire. Each book gets better and better, and I never want them to end. I’ve overtaken the TV series now so, it’s nice to have the inside scoop on what is going to happen – but it’s really hard not being able to talk about it with anyone else!”

TV Series…

“Sherlock. Sherlock. Nothing but Sherlock. I am such a Cumberbitch. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe my love for this show. Few shows have me on the edge of my seat one minute, and howling with laughter the next. The writing team of Moffat and Gatiss is superb, and they consistently produce original and captivating episodes. Best show ever. Probably.”

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Blitz Kids tour a lot, so keep an eye on their official website for such details. ‘The Good Youth’ is out now.

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