Cultural obsessions with Roger Sellers...

Bayonne is moving outwards.

The Austin artist's self-produced debut album was an exercise in sparsity, with the arrangements affording plenty of space for his songwriting to exist.

After an extended period on the road, however, he swiftly found that he had a lot to say, and desired more room to say it in.

Taking inspiration from 60s baroque pop - think The Left Banke or The Zombies, even - new album 'Drastic Measures' arrives on February 22nd, a gorgeous, layered, almost orchestral treat.

Subtle songwriting with an expansive slant, it finds Bayonne - real name Roger Sellers - grasping hold of fresh influences, fresh challenges.

Clash catches up with the Austin artist to probe his cultural obsessions...

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Book... The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera

This is a wonderful postmodern novel from the 80s that I just recently finished reading. I really relate to some of the characters and their behaviours within the book. It took me a while to actually get to reading it, but I was not disappointed.

I remember years ago my friend, Eric, and I were at a bookstore and he grabbed this book and bought it for me as a gift because it was one of his favourites. It really meant a lot to me so this book has I huge place in my heart.

TV Show... High Maintenance

This is a relatively new show on HBO and it’s really good. It follows the life of a weed dealer in New York City and the crazy shit that he runs into on a daily basis. Its very original and super entertaining. I still haven’t watched the third season, but the first two are funny as hell and also quite beautiful.

It’s shot really well, the music is badass, and it can get pretty edgy at some points as well. It can also get pretty thrilling sometimes as well. I’d definitely recommend it for anyone looking for new content.

Movie... Phantom Thread by Paul Thomas Anderson

Paul Thomas Anderson has been my favourite modern director for quite a while now, and Phantom Thread is yet another masterpiece. I was such a huge fan of There Will Be Blood so it was great to see that PTA teamed up with Daniel Day Lewis again. I can totally relate to Lewis’ character in the film, being a passionate and driven couturier in London.

It’s romantic, funny, the cinematography is stunning, and the acting is absolutely brilliant. Johnny Greenwood (from Radiohead) did the score and it’s just so good. He also scored There Will Be Blood, which was one of my favorite scores of all time, so I was very pleased that PTA picked Greenwood for this film as well.

Music... Animal Collective - 'Strawberry Jam' 

This is one of my favourite records and I’ve been revisiting it lately. I found out about Animal Collective in late high school, but I started listening to them much more heavily in college after this was released.

It such a raw record. It amazes me how they were able to write such strong songs and use the craziest instrumentation and production techniques, while maintaining a level of sophistication that is extremely rare. The energy here is off the charts and the album’s sound stands completely on its own. It influenced me very heavily and my music would not be the same if this album was never released.

Gadget... My Guitar, 'Christene' 

I’ve had my Fender Telecaster since I was like 14 and I’ve been using it a lot for my new live set. My dad bought it for me back then and has been adding stuff to it ever since. Just the other day he brought me some beautiful new knobs when he was in town for my show.

It’s crazy how great of condition it’s still in. It means a lot to me that I still have it around and that I’m using it consistently in my live set now.

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Bayonne's new album 'Drastic Measures' will be released on February 22nd.

Photo Credit: Jackie Lee Young

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