Cultural touchstones with the alt-pop all-stars...

Bang Bang Romeo are a force to be reckoned with.

The three-piece are an incredible live band, with their emphatic performances matching crunching indie rock riffs to some soulful, pop-edged songwriting.

Each show is an absolute blast, and that energy is nailed down on the band's brand new single 'You & I'.

Recently support pop icon Pink on her European tour, this new single is a sign of their surging ambition.

An absolute riot from start to finish, it distills everything great about Bang Bang Romeo into three minutes.

Clash caught up with Anastasia Walker to chat cultural touchstones...

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Whilst out on our last tour I was reading Lemmy's autobiography, filled with stories of sex, rock 'n' roll and drugs... lots of drugs! The guy is the epitome of cool and was the walking definition of a ‘rockstar’.

I couldn’t put the book down, I love music from the 60’s/70’s and to read about those days through his experiences was a total eye opener. He talks a lot about the Rainbow in LA, which we got to visit recently and had a whiskey for him.

He was born to be a musician and lived it from day one, the book's hilarious at times and a great insight into the life of a legend.

TV Show

Love a good TV series, mostly anything that has some humour, adventure and the occasional scare. Stranger Things and Breaking Bad are both classics in my eyes but more recently I’ve loved The Righteous Gemstones, big fan of Danny McBride, and love shows that I can quote to my band mates for days.

The season has a bit of everything and now I’ve finished it I’m praying that the CONgregation come back together for a second season. Film I’m a big film geek, one of the biggest things in common we have as a band is our love for movies.

From anything by Quentin Tarantino to the classics like Star Wars and Indiana Jones to Sci-fi greats like Alien and The Matrix. To pick one I would go with True Romance, it's a film that I could watch every night; a romantic movie with a really dark side, just like how Bang Bang Romeo like to write.


One of my favourite albums is 'The White Album' by The Beatles.

The songwriting is unreal and so varied: every song is completely different, from the sweet acoustic track 'Blackbird', to the epic 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' and the the little country number 'Rocky Raccoon', classic storytelling! 'Cry Baby Cry' is a highlight track for me.


Not really one for gadgets but I’ve got a killer Millennium Falcon bottle opener, that gets plenty of use at home.

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