Cultural obsessions explored...

West London's Babeheaven is a project driven by friendship.

Jamie Travis helms the production, while Nancy Andersen's vocals sweep the music up towards another dimension. It's the implicit trust between them, though, that sense of connection, which allows Babeheaven to succeed. 

Reincorporating club tropes within that soulful pop framework, their textured, nuanced work is packed with detail.

New album 'Home For Now' is out now, and it's the broadest, deepest assessment yet of Babeheaven's artistry.

Clash caught up with Nancy Andersen to uncover her extra-curricular activities...

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So I can watch the worst TV and also swing over to the chicer side of stuff. Over lockdown I started watching the Real Housewives of Beverley Hills from season one so I have been battling my way through that, with the excitement of knowing there are other destinations to move to.

I also have a serious addiction to watching cookery shows, I love cooking so much so I really enjoying learning new things or hearing about something I should try out. Anthony Bourdain is great because it’s half cooking and kind of half anthropology.

What other trash do I watch… The Undoing - The Queens Gambit - I actually love a period drama haha!


Reading is an escape for me so I find that generally I read fiction, I have a good collection of graphic novels which are great if you’re not in the mood for really reading but want to take something in other than a screen.

I read the new Phillip Pullman books over lockdown. I loved His Dark Materials, so I was really happy to be back in that world again. I find that I also read autobiographies of musicians I like so stuff like Just Kids by Patti Smith or Girl In A Band by Kim Gordon (typing this and realising I only read about women in music!)


The most un-answerable question ever. I listen to different things every day, and I love different things every day. It can depend on the weather, my mood, the journey my bus is on. At home I put an album on and potter around, but I find that I make three big playlists a year jammed with different genres which somehow all make sense to me.

At the moment I’ve been listening to BEA1991’s album 'Brand New Adult', I have been a big fan of Bea for years. Also still listening to the Baby Rose album, her voice is so incredible.


I could easily watch only romcoms but luckily I live with people who make me watch intellectual things which I would never choose but end up loving.

During lockdown I watched a film a day spanning from Gone With The Wind (which took three days to watch) to Andrei Rubliv (which I fell asleep in). The ones I really liked were things like La Belle Verte (it’s soo good go and watch it), Happy as Lazarro and Adaptation, but there’s nothing like watching When Harry Met Sally on a Sunday evening with a cup of tea!


iPhone (surely that’s everyone’s first answer) can’t live with it, can’t live without it. Also my AIAIAI headphones. The speakers and amp in my living room. My laptop. I don’t have anything very exciting to say about them but all the gadgets have a place and a reason and serve a purpose. The ones that play music are the most important ones though…

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Babeheaven's new album 'Home For Now' is out now.

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