On her favourite book and movie of the moment…
Andreya Triana by Alexander Brown

A celebrated collaborator with the likes of Bonobo and Flying Lotus, British singer Andreya Triana is also a well-established solo artist operating in the silken groove between R&B and soul. He debut album ‘Lost Where I Belong’ was a critical hit in 2010, and now she’s back with a new EP, out this week: ‘Everything You Never Had Pt. II’.

The EP’s four tracks feature a radio edit of the title track as well as the original, B-side ‘Superlove’ (listen below), and a Lapalux remix of ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’.

To mark the EP’s release, Andreya enlightened us as to her current cultural favourites for our regular Culture Clash series

- - -

“At the moment I'm reading Beloved by the American novelist Toni Morrison. I've always loved reading, but I doubt I'll ever get in the whole Kindle thing.”

“A new favourite is The Grand Budapest Hotel (review). The story is really interesting, and visually it’s a stunning film.”

“Those Apple-shaped objects.”

- - -

Hiatus Kaiyote, ‘Nakamarra’

- - -

“The last album I bought, and have had on constant repeat, is ‘Tawk Tomahawk’ by Hiatus Kaiyote.”

TV Show...
“I’ve just finished watching season two of Orange Is The New Black… Best. Show. Everrrr!”

Video Game...
“Street Fighter... all day, every day!”

- - -

Photo: Alexander Brown

Andreya Triana online. (We are going to assume she means Street Fighter II, as who plays the first one?) ‘Everything You Never Had Pt. II’ is out now on Counter Records.

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