Rising soul star reveals her extra-curricular activities...

It's been a big summer for ALA.NI.

The rising talent released her debut album 'You & I' earlier this year, follow sessions in Damon Albarn's Studio 13.

A potent, self-reflective work, it revealed a songwriter who was rapidly blossoming, rapidly turning into something special.

Out now, ALA.NI is set to see out summer in typically dynamic fashion. In a new instalment of Culture Clash the singer reveals her extra-curricular activities...

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I love short stories. Roald Dahl and Charles Bronawick are amongst my favourite writers in this style. I'm currently reading a Japanese short story book, The Life Of An Amorous Woman by Ihara Saikaku. A 500 year old book full of gay love affairs, mistresses killing wives and lots of scandal. You got to love the Japanese. Reserved and wild all at the same time.

Cinema plays a big part in my life. I prefer watching a film than listening to music. On a rare lazy day, I will watch four to five films in a day in bed. My last film was Hud. Needed some timeless eye candy beauty to ooze over. Paul Newman... GORGEOUSNESS!

Fleabag on BBC3 is fucking awesome! More please!

I'm useless with technology. I like old things. I can't even switch a TV on. So I don't have one.

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ALA.NI is set to release new single 'Ol' Fasioned Kiss / To The River' on October 7th. Catch the singer live at the following show:

19 London St Pancras Church

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