Mercurial talent gets cultural...
Ady Suleiman

Ady Suleiman may only be 22 years of age but word is already out on this Nottingham native.

Laura Mvula, Leon Bridges and Lianne Le Havas have all sent along concert invites, demanding that the mercurial singer support them on tour. Working alongside Chance The Rapper, Ady Suleiman's reputation is blossoming into an international phenomenon.

New single 'What's The Score' is out now, and it pits the soulful Notts newcomer against Stateside rap prodigy Joey Bada$$. To coincide, Clash decided to probe Ady Suleiman on a few of his non-musical pursuits.

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Not going to lie, I haven't read a book for years - I need to get on it. Any recommendations, ha? Last one I remember reading that I enjoyed was when I was a kid; the book was 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurgo. It was so class, it's about a kid that was ship wrecked and ended up on this Island.

I've watched so many! I reckon my favourite film is City Of God, or it's deffo up there. Everything about it is dope, the way it's shot, the plot, the characters and the cast; most of which are unknown and mostly from the area the film is set in, so just makes it feel more real, I guess. You buy into the story more when you don't see massive names like Matt Damon or Leonardo Di Caprio.

D'Angelo's second record 'Voodoo'. It's one of my favourites, it just sounds incredible. The production is perfect, you can't fuck with it.

I'm not really a gadget guy to be honest, but my friend has a marijuana vaporiser that looks like an asthma inhaler so he never gets caught, ha! Sneak it into cinemas and stuff - you can never smell the smoke or anything. Always thought that was pretty dope.

TV Show
Probably like a lot of people I think The Wire is incredible. It's a slow starter but once you in it's killa. It's about the narcotics scene and drug dealing in Baltimore, America, but it really explores more of the government and bureaucracy and media schools. It was a great insight and really a very political piece.

Video Game
I used be all over Nintendo; Gamecube was the one for me, Smash Bros, Mario Tennis, Mario Party, Mario Kart the lot, haha! But now I only really play FIFA. I only bring out the Gamecube on special occasions, usually if girls are involved because they tend to hate FIFA but all love Mario Kart.

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Catch Ady Suleiman live at the following shows:

11 Liverpool The Magnet
12 London Hoxton Bar and Kitchen
14 Bristol Louisiana
15 Nottingham Bodega
17 Manchester Soup Kitchen

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