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Newgen noise pop selected by the Manchester band...

Shoegaze has become an inter-generational scene, with fresh waves of groups adding their own twist to the noise pop recipe. On both sides of the Atlantic right now, a number of bands and solo artists are pursuing cosmic climes, using guitar pedals to twist shoegaze in fresh directions. Manchester’s cruush are part of this, a group whose precocious approach is already bearing fruit.

Live shows across the UK have seen cruush spin their web of sound, melding together fractal guitar parts with those beguiling vocals. Says front-person Amber Warren…

I guess you can say our music has the sweet elements of having a crush on someone but the screeching of an industrial car crusher…”

The band’s ‘Wishful Thinker’ EP is out now, and it follows some stellar live dates, shows that have seen cruush build a bona fide community around them. Here, the Manchester outfit pick out some shoegaze peers who inspire them…

Just Mustard – ‘Still’ (As picked by Amber) 

Just Mustard’s ‘Still’ is one of my favourite tracks. It’s so haunting and atmospheric, gives me goosebumps! Their use of effects creates an immersive, otherworldly atmosphere that draws me in, it’s so intense, miserable and captivating, I love it.

Was blown away by this band live too, went to see them in Leeds. They were so loud!! And the Katie Ball’s vocals were perfect. 

Wednesday – ‘Twin Plagues’ (As picked by Arthur)

Shoegaze in cowboy boots. Bootgaze? The distorted lap steel guitar in this track really gives it such a unique feel, makes it sound so frenzied. There’s real sensitivity in the lyrics as well that I find so interesting against the aggression of the music.

Karly Hartzman (vocals/guitar) has often mentioned Richard Brautigan as a big influence on her writing and it really comes through in the short little snapshots of a life tinted with nostalgia she paints with tracks like this. 11/10.

Kraus – ‘Between’ (As picked by Fotis)

The dissonant chord at the start of this song really set the mood you’re about to get into with the use of ethereal vocals over the top of a controlled chaotic shoegaze tune, the drums really drive the track and give it that punchy felling you can bob your head along to, this a must listen from me.

Sleepy Sun – ‘Marina’ (As picked by Rus)

Found this track in uni, literally had a first listen with some good friends around me and we were just completely floored by it.

I just love the path it takes, you get to experience so many different textures and moments that lend it a completely unbound cinematic feel.

bdrmm – ‘It’s Just A Bit Of Blood’ (As picked by the band)

The best thing (one of them) about the shows we played with bdrmm back in 2021 was getting an early peak at this tune before it was out. We were straight over to them after they played demanding to know what the hell that finger picky ish absolute banger was called and when it would be released.

They’re so good and loud live as well when the drums and chorusy bits kicked in it was just instantly face melting and euphoric.

DIIV – ‘Blankenship’ (As picked by the band)

A track we’ve had on repeat since first listen. We were pretty obsessively into this whole album ‘Deciever’, it’s influenced our music so much since it came out. One of those things it’s impossible not to steal countless musical ideas from lol ‘can we make it a bit more Deciever in this section’.

Amazing energy and Sonic Youth-y-ness on this track start to finish, was great fun getting to mosh to it together at O2 Ritz in Manchester last year as well.

‘Wishful Thinker’ EP is out now.

Photo Credit: Aneela Siddiqui

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