New single 'Come & Go' is a homage to the garage era...

For those who lived through it UK garage is unique moment in British music.

When the house sounds of New York washed up these shores all manner of London crews began re-assembling those beats, and adding a few of their own flavours.

As time goes by, the releases from '97, '98, '99 seem to gain in importance, with a new generation sifting through the archives for added inspiration.

Conducta and Alyss combine on new release 'Come And Go', a homage of sorts to the classic era of Patrick Cox loafers, Moschino, and gatecrashing the charts.

With summer in full flow, Clash invited the pair to pick out some inspirational UKG cuts from back in the day...

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Sovereign - 'Truly'

Feel like this is 2-step vocal garage at its best. Skippy drum-lines with shuffled hi-hats and a hi-pitched catchy vocal. The bass-line really rumbles whether you're in a club next to a system and in headphones or laptop speakers. Found this 40 tabs deep in a YouTube hole looking for tunes at like 3am.

Active Minds - 'Hobson's Choice'

Heard Heartless crew destroy this on a old Radio 1 set with Mary Anne Hobbs. I love how the intro is so haunting and the hi-pitched vocal gradually filters in. A reese drop is always a winner for me and this one always goes off!

Nu Birth - 'Anytime'

I used to always hear this on sets when I was younger and not know the name until I was about 16, 17 years old. The horns and groove are too much. Probably hum the melody at least 3 times a day then pretend I'm PSG and start spraying: "oo bah oo bah oo bah bad boy sound..."

DJ Disciple - 'Keep On Moving'

Hidden gem of many Karl 'Tuff Enough' Brown and Matt 'Jam' Lamont's set. Again probably taken me over six, seven years to ID. Heard MC Charlie Brown (RIP) ride this many times. Love the 4x4 groove, one of the first tunes to make me start digging into the likes of Kerri Chandler, Victor Simonelli, and US garage/house.

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Sia - 'Little Man' (Exeman Rework)

Everything about the vocal, production... it still feels timeless.

Shola Ama - 'Imagine' (Asylum Remix)

I remember I had just past my driving test and this went on the first car CD - me and my mates would drive around in the sun blaring it out all summer. Such good times. Classic UKG vocals like this definitely still have a massive influence in the way I write, record and arrange my own vocals now.

Body Groove - 'Architects'

I must have been about 10 when I first heard this - I remember my friend and I saving up our pocket money to buy the single from Woolworths... classic. This was the portal in to UKG for me.

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