College Shop By LCF

London College of Fashion's annual pop-up returns to the capital.

How many college shops can claim to have 900 likes on Facebook? Or even have their own Facebook page for that matter; cut price Capri-Sun’s and dissertation binding aren’t quite what Zuckerberg had in mind we feel, somehow.

The College Shop, a.k.a. London College of Fashion’s pop-up, just off Carnaby Street, has the 900 and counting, plus stylist Nova Dando on hand in the form of window curator.

“I wanted to create a window that would both compliment the creativity of the designers stocked in College Shop, whilst also generating a sense of curiosity from passing shoppers,” she said of the task at hand.

Opening its doors tomorrow for just one week, the College Shop is set to sell wares from the top of the LCF talent pile, namely in the form of graduates Camilla Elphick, Domingo Rodriguez and Elly Cheng, as well as returning contributors Lili Colley and Para Manko.

Elphick is responsible for bright footwear featuring the likes of Bugs Bunny and Oreo cookies while if Tumblr is anything to go by, Cheng’s garms represent the forever changing pastels of her hair. Rodriguez meanwhile, has already shown his pieces at London Collections: Men previously.

With the theme of college in mind, Clash asked the three newbies to finish this sentence:

One thing college taught me was…

Camilla Elphick: that you can do anything! Going to the London College of Fashion was the stepping stone I needed in order to get into shoe design. Having graduated this past summer, I still really value the college’s support and encouragement. 

Domingo Rodriguez: the technicals to craft my handwriting as a designer. 

Elly Cheng: to always remember ‘what is it that makes you unique?’

Open from Wednesday 11th December at 19 Fouberts Place.


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