28 - Jul/Aug

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Coldplay The Ultimate Interview

The eyes of the world are watching. The airwaves are waiting. It’s been three years since the four mild-mannered stadium lords last came out survey their lot. Finally stepping up once more to their rightful place at the top of rock’s round table, the monarchs of music are ready to reign.

Lou Reed Berlin, Bowie, Booze

Interviewing the legendary Lou Reed was never going to be an all together easy experience. A lethal combo of sarcasm, acerbic wit and petulance has seen most hapless journos if not running away screaming then at least feeling a bit pissed off.

The Zutons Trouble in paradise? The Zutons come clean!

Some bands pave an entire career out of the defiant concrete-slabs of taking the rough with the smooth. One band in particular seem to have taken this shambolic melody and spectacularly embodied it in order to train-wreck their plush West London hotel room like an implacable hurricane.

Tricky Exclusive: Bristol's bad boy of beats is back

“I've come more out of myself now, I've become a performer. Even though there's no dance routines there's more light.” Light has never been synonymous with Tricky. As one of the engines of the tenously termeed Trip-hop scene, this once dangerous boy was always about seductive blackness.

The Subways Heartbreak and hospitals: the truth behind it

Procrastination in rock doesn’t work – just ask The Stone Roses. For The Subways however, the three-year hiatus between records has not been a self-indulgent wallow in triumph, oh no. Theirs is an uphill struggle through adversity with only a shared love of music keeping the trio together.

Albert Hammond Jr Chaos, Chemistry and cigarettes

Albert Hammond Jr is having trouble sleeping. It’s 4am in the morning, the rest of his band (no, not The Strokes) are slumped across their beds and the sun is just beginning to break through the Texas night sky.

Emmylou Harris Country's sweetest songbird speaks

Creatively autonomous and musically indomitable, Emmylou’s freewheeling spirit has guided her through four decades of pushed boundaries, paired her with some of the world’s foremost icons, and provided a legacy that’s as rich and distinguished as her ethereal voice.

Album Spotlight

The Band – Music from the Big Pink

Rarely has one year been so defined by one album, but in the case of 1968, the world belonged to 'Music from th Big Pink' – much to the surprise of the authors.

Personality Clash

El Perro Del Mar Vs Lykke Li

The Scandanavian landscapes are well reputed for their spawning of distinctive musical talent – whatever they've got flowing though their fjords has filtered into the most creative of individuals. This issue, we bring together two captivating Swedish chanteuses who winsome ways have floored Clash of late.

  • Write On Felix Da Housecat
  • Rock and Rules Johnny Marr
  • Royal Academy Reviews Fantastic Scholastic!
  • Private Passions Damian Lazarus
  • Stalker Iggy Pop laid bare...again!
  • Polls Apart Musical Sell Outs
Album Reviews
  • Spiritualized
  • The Music
  • Cage The Elephant
  • The Fratellis
  • Dirty Pretty Things
  • The Subways
  • The Zutons
  • My Morning Jacket
  • Coldplay
  • Fleet Foxes
  • Leila
  • Mugison

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