Close To You: Nicky Elisabeth Picks Out Songs Of Longing

For those who are missing a certain someone...

Dutch club figure Nicky Elisabeth is a real all-rounder. An excellent DJ, her ability to traverse club culture tropes has brought her global recognition.

Alongside this, Nicky is also an adept producer and songwriter, too, as well as an affecting vocalist. Out now on Anjunadeep, new single ‘Close To You’ is about closing the divide between two loved ones, searching out for solace when someone is missing in your life.

In keeping with this, Nicky Elisabeth designed this special playlist, her ‘Close To You’ selections – in her words, “a soothing playlist designed to offer solace and comfort when missing someone…”

I wrote this song for someone very special to me, during a time we were very far apart. 

This song is the pure embodiment of those feelings of longing and hope and creating it gave me solace during this period in my life. 

Mount Kimbie – ‘Marilyn’

A while back I was properly introduced to Mount Kimble by my partner and I have been listening to them ever since. To me, this song really captures many different feelings; on one hand it’s deeply sad but it does have that light shimmer of hope edged into it. 

James Blake – ‘I’ll Come Too

One of my all-time favourites, that at a certain point drew many parallels to my own life. This is one of those songs that just gets better and better the more you listen to it. 

Vegyn – ‘A Dream Goes On Forever’ 

An amazing new tune from Vegyn that I’ve listened to a lot whilst commuting between London (where my partner lives) and Amsterdam (where I’m currently based). 

Listening to this always makes me feel a bit closer to home. 

Mk.gee – ‘How many miles’

A song from my most played album of 2024; It’s been a while since I’ve been so deeply touched by music and I would recommend listening to the album in full. 

It’s moody but so hopeful at the same time and I’ve honestly never heard anything like it. 

Nicky Elisabeth – ‘Fading’

I wrote ‘Fading’ during Covid, when I was deeply missing that feeling of connection through music. I remember those moments on the dance floor where I would close my eyes and just feel the atmosphere around me; this song is an ode to that feeling. 

Shura – ‘Touch’

I’ve been listening to this is song for almost a decade and it never gets old. 

Classic romantic pop at it’s best; Perfect for heartbreak. 

Yumi Zouma – ‘KPR’ 

I discovered Yumi Zouma last summer and they have this amazing vintage feeling about them. KPR is on of my favourites as it’s a melancholic but upbeat love song that despite having slightly gloomy lyrics, does leave you with uplifting and hopeful feelings. 

Seb WIldblood – ‘CONTROL’

This list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include one uplifting, warm summery track in there. 

Romy – ‘Loveher’ 

Romy is a big inspiration to me and when this song came out I listened to it on repeat. 

It’s a song that captures carefree positivity, and leaves you with the feeling that everything will be ok, which is something we all need sometimes. 

I love how this song embodies emotions of euphoria but also a longing and vulnerability. 

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