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Earl Sweatshirt - Doris

Clash is no different when it comes to the year-end mixer: we, too, argued the toss about a bunch of albums, and then assembled a 'best of' list. A top 40. A countdown topped, in the end, by Earl Sweatshirt's 'Doris' (pictured). A worthy winner, we reckon.

We spoke to Earl about the making of 'Doris', and so much more, over here. We also invited rising UK rapper Blue Daisy to give us his opinion on 'Doris', and ran a comprehensive track-by-track guide to the album around the time of its release.

Corners, covered. But 'beneath' Earl: a whole host of wonderful records, and you can read about 'em all (and listen to tracks, and read longer reviews and interviews) by following the links below.

Numbers 10 to 1
Numbers 20 to 11
Numbers 30 to 21
Numbers 40 to 31

Amongst the albums in the mix: Moderat, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, John Wizards, Danny Brown, Pusha T, Mac Miller, Kings Of Leon, Dean Blunt, Deafheaven, Run The Jewels, Daughter and The Kinfe. But where did they come?

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