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ClashMusic DJ Mix Podcast - xxxy

xxxy gives us a basement house workout for the latest Clash DJ podcast, taking in sweaty warehouse beats, lasered synths and a few bangers along the way.

The producer (Rupert Taylor) has been releasing consistently stellar low-slung and colourful garage tracks on a satisfyingly wide range of labels over the last few years, including Doc Daneeka’s Ten Thousand Yen, Glasgow’s Fortified Audio and Rinse.

xxxy injects these absorbing garage and house atmospheres into his Clash mix, which drifts moodily through new wave Detroit techno from Omar S, Radio Slave’s smoky house and fist-pumping electro from Randomer, picking up plenty of pace towards the end. There are also a few xxxy gems in there as well, including latest single ‘Progression’, which sees sinister John Carpenter synths brawl with twitchy house beats in a dingy alleyway. Thoroughly intoxicating stuff from Taylor.

xxxy’s ‘Progression’ / ‘Thinking Bout’ is out now on Ten Thousand Yen.



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xxxy Tracklist

1. Lord of the Isles - The Autumn House [Firecracker]
2. Omar S - Rewind [FXHE]
3. Innershades - That Girl [Wicked Bass]
4. Headless Ghost - Basik Fire [Clone Royal Oak]
5. Radio Slave - I Don’t Need a Cure For This (Kenny Larkin remix) [Rekids]
6. Erecto Mundo – On The Strength [Ruff Definition]
7. Stefano Esposito - Broken Brick [Affin]
8. Close - Beam Me Up feat. Charlene Soraia and Scuba (George Fitzgerald remix) [!K7]
9. Trikk - Prime Time [Hype LTD]
10. Sherwood - My Slave [Ruff Definition]
11. xxxy - Progression [Ten Thousand Yen]
12. Randomer - House Banger [RNDMR]
13. Glimpse - True South [AUS]
14. Marcin Czubala - Immediately Above (Audiojack Bashment Boogie Remix) [Your Mama’s Friend]
15. xxxy - No More [Rinse]

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