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For the latest instalment of the Clash DJ podcast, we’re very happy indeed to welcome Untold through the door. Aka Jack Dunning, leftfield dark dub experimentalist Untold has been twisting frequencies and confounding rhythmical expectations for a good few years now, with awe-inspiring results.

Jack also finds time to co-run the much-respected Hemlock Records, which has seen releases from Mount Kimbie, Ramadanman and the debut EP, in 2009, from a chap called James Blake, who’s apparently doing alright these days.

Clash grabbed some time with Jack to chat about his mix, which features some fine new blood (Blawan and Pariah), rising star of the alternative house scene Julio Bashmore, and various names that have helped pioneer dubstep over the years – 2562, Peverelist, Scuba and, of course, Untold himself.

Tell us about your mix:

The mix starts out slow and abstract, with some tunes I love but rarely get to play out. From there it gets dark and subby, kind of referencing Berlin techno but with messy drums and breakbeats. It plays out to some pretty jackin’ electro tracks by Boddika and Maurice Donovan and gets washed down with Milk and Honey.

Favourite track from the mix?

I’m into every track in the mix but if I’ve got to pick one its ‘Kaz’ by Blawan. I love everything he’s doing at the moment especially the dirty acid tracks. This one is like a cross between Chris Liberator and Timbaland. Forthcoming on R&S, I believe.

When you’re remixing someone else’s work, do you have any personal guidelines that you stick to, or does it completely depend on the track?

I feel it’s important that the listener can recognise the original track from the remix. Often labels just want something that DJs are going to play and add appeal to release package. For me, it’s about getting the right balance between capturing the spirit of the original track, adding your own style and making sure people will want to play the remix out.

Have you ever disliked a remix of one of your own tracks? And turning it the other way, have there been any remixes of your work that have blown you away?

It took me a while to get into the remix that Joe from Hessle Audio did of my track ‘Bones’. I love it now and it’s coming out this spring. I used to have really quick gut reactions about new music but running Hemlock for a couple of years has taught me to be less impulsive. It’s an obvious one but having the James Blake remix of ‘Stop What You’re Doing’ drop into my inbox unannounced was a very pleasant surprise.

You’ve been very experimental with dubstep-rooted ideas for some time now – do you still see yourself as sitting within the dubstep sphere?

I see myself as part of the mess. I don’t play anything with that chainsaw bass but the dubstep ‘label’ is still useful for providing context to the tracks I play and write. I like to think the sound I represent can only exist because of the ground that dubstep broke and the producers who met through it.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2011?

I’ll be touring the US and Canada in March and playing at Bloc and Bangface Weekender festivals. Expect more releases from me on Hemlock in the spring and an EP and album coming later in the year with my new project called ‘Dreadnought’.

On Hemlock, we have some Breton remixes from Girl Unit and Funkineven, and for the SSSSS series we have releases from Maurice Donovan and Joe, among others.

ClashMusic Dj Mix Podcast – Untold by clashmusic

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Untold DJ Mix Tracklisting

1. The Deeep – Ballad of the Abyssal Plain pt. 2 (Not Not Fun)

2. Pariah – Fall (dub)

3. Gerry Read – Roomland (dub)

4. Blawan – Hollow it Out (dub)

5. Peverelist – Dance Til the Police Come (dub)

6. F – Slowdown (dub)

7. Cosmin TRG – Separat (dub)

8. Skudge – Convolution (2562 remix) (dub)

9. Pangaea – Won’t Hurt (dub)

10. 2562 – This is Hardcore (dub)

11. Randomer – Lost Everything (dub)

12. Perc – Chromamoan (Perc Trax)

13. Scuba – Feel it (dub)

14. Ossie – Creepy Crawlies (dub)

15. Untold – U-29 (dub)

16. Blawan – Kaz (dub)

17. Instra:mental – Pyramid (dub)

18. (Unknown) – Deep Inside (dub)

19. Boddika – Soul What (dub)

20. Julio Bashmore – Batty Knee Dance (dub)

21. Maurice Donovan – Babah (dub)

22. (Unknown) – Milk and Honey (dub)

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