Richard Norris' Hot Trip To Heaven mix

Taking us on a 'Hot Trip To Heaven' in this week's DJ mix is Richard Norris aka The Time And Space Machine.

From his proto acid house album with Genesis P. Orridge through the commercial success of The Gird and his productions with Erol Alkan as Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve, Norris has remained someone to keep an eye on (or should that be an ear cocked to?).

The Time And Space Machine's new album 'Taste The Lazer' will be released on April 9th on Tirk with 'Pill Party In India' your sneak peak.

Norris and friends are heading out on the festival circuit as a five piece band with stops at The Green Man and Standon Calling confirmed so far.

Listen to The Time And Space Machine's mix for Clash above, download it for later enjoyment below, or grab on iTunes HERE.

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The Time And Space Machine 'Hot Trip To Heaven' Tracklisting

1. Recollections - Prefuse 73
2. Crazy Guitar Talk
3. Little Bird - A T+SM Edit
4. Ken Babbs Babbles
5. The Devil's Well - The Laurels
6. Baby Please Don't Go - Ballroom
7. Baia - Jokers
8. Silent Screamer - Dave Myers Effect
9. High Life - Ibliss
10. Ken Babbs Harp and Whistle
11. Pieces Of Light - Brainticket
12. Hot Trip To Heaven
13. We Love You - Guy Pedersen and Son Grand Orchestre
14. Wicked Annabella - The Kinks
15. Rambo Zambo - Kollectiv
16. Vacances - Clubman
17. Feel Flows - The Beach Boys
18. The Far Side Of Your Mind - The Fourth Way

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